Number of BEACH Act Beaches Reported    
CountyTotal CountMonitored CountNot Monitored CountTier 4 (B)*Beach Length (Mi)
Grays Harbor7034918114.32
San Juan214055159212.42
Only coastal beaches are included on these lists.

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List of Beaches    
State Code: WA, County: Clallam
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Agate Bay, Beach 420-Yes4-1.79
Agate Bay, Beach 421-Yes4-1.5
City Pier-Yes3-.17
Clallam Bay Campground-Yes3-.1
Clallam Bay Spit County ParkYes-4-2.51
Clallam County Parcel-Yes3-.28
Cline Spit-Yes4-.46
Cline Spit County ParkYes-1-.06
Crescent Beach-Yes3-3.05
Diamond Point, Beach 410-Yes4-.8
Dry Creek, Beach 414-Yes4-1.55
Dungeness Bay Boat Launch-Yes3-.22
Dungeness Recreation Area-Yes4-.39
Dungeness Tidelands-Yes3-.11
Ediz Hook Park-Yes4-3.86
Freshwater Bay County Park-Yes2-.47
Freshwater Bay, Beach 416-Yes2-1.48
Freshwater Bay, Beach 417-Yes3-1.03
Gibson Spit, Beach 411-Yes4-4.79
Hoko River, Beach 428-Yes4-1.33
Hollywood BeachYes-1-.15
James Island, La Push-Yes3-2.76
Jamestown Beach-Yes3-.04
Jim Creek , Silver King Resort-Yes3-1.17
John Wayne Marina-Yes3-.46
La Push First Beach-Yes3-1.63
La Push Marina #1-Yes4-.38
Lees Creek-Yes3-.57
Lyre River Campground-Yes3-.7
Marlyn Nelson County Park-Yes2-.09
Miller Peninsula State Park-Yes3-.78
Mouth Of Elwha River-Yes2-.61
Murdock Beach Access-Yes4-5.63
N Sequim Bay Sp-Yes3-.54
North Olympic National Park-Yes3-18.6
Old Town-Yes3-.58
Olsen's Marina-Yes3-.62
Panorama Vista County Park-Yes3-.01
Pillar Point County Park-Yes4-.11
Pillar Point, Beach 424-Yes4-1.42
Pillar Point, Beach 425-Yes4-1.5
Pitship Point-Yes3-.1
Port Angeles Boat Haven-Yes4-.61
Port Angeles Ferry And Waterfront-Yes3-.31
Port Williams Tidelands-Yes3-.21
Quillayute River Shoreline-Yes3-1.4
S Pitship Point-Yes3-.36
Sail & Paddle Park-Yes2-.24
Salt Creek Recreation AreaYes-1-3.4
Second Beach, Olympic National Park-Yes3-4.81
Sekiu Point, Beach 427-Yes4-3.09
Sekiu River, Beach 429a-Yes4-2.1
Sequim Bay State Park-Yes2-.37
Shipwreck Point Natural Resource Conservation Area-Yes3-1.29
Shipwreck Point, Beach 429-Yes4-5.58
Slip Point, Beach 426-Yes4-8.15
Snow Creek Boat Launch-Yes4-.09
South Diamond Point-Yes3-.28
Travis Spit, Beach 411a-Yes4-.4
Twin Rivers, Beach 423-Yes4-3.77
Twin Rivers, Beach 423A-Yes4-.27
Valley Creek Estuary Park-Yes3-.1
W Kydaka Point-Yes3-.3
West DNR 414-Yes3-1.81
West Old Town-Yes3-.2
Whiskey Creek Campground-Yes3-.16
Count: 67Count: 4Count: 63
State Code: WA, County: Grays Harbor
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
28th Street Boat Launch-Yes3-.13
9th Street Landing And Rayonier Point-Yes3-.21
Bonge Road Beach Access-Yes4-.01
Bottle Beach State Park-Yes3-.66
Bottle Beach Tidelands-Yes3-.92
Bowerman Basin-Yes4-5.2
Cascade Land Conservancy-Yes3-1.99
Cascade Land Conservancy - Aberdeen-Yes3-1.73
Chance A La Mer / Ocean Shores Main Entrance-Yes3-.03
City Of Hoquiam, Moon Island Road, Airport Way-Yes3-1.32
Copalis Beach-Yes3-3.38
Damon Point State Park, Protection Island County-Yes4-4.31
Grayland Beach-Yes3-3.81
Grayland Beach Access-Yes4-.06
Grays Harbor Audubon Society, Raft River-Yes3-.25
Grays Harbor Audubon, Humptulips, Chenois Creek-Yes3-3.01
Grays Harbor City-Yes3-1.02
Grenville Bay-Yes3-5.5
Griffeths-Priday State Park-Yes4-5.02
Halfmoon Bay - City Of Westport-Yes3-.59
Harms Field-Yes3-.06
Hogsback and Little Hogsback-Yes3-2.07
Iron Springs-Yes3-3.65
Johns River Bridge-Yes3-.07
Johns River, Wra Boatlaunch-Yes3-5.3
Moclips, Sunset Beach, Pacfic Beach-Yes4-3.24
N Cape Elizabeth-Yes3-6.4
Ocean City State Park-Yes4-.07
Ocean City State Park-Yes4-.58
Ocean Lake Way Beach Access-Yes3-.02
Ocean Shores-Yes3-3.67
Ocean Shores Bulkhead-Yes3-1.32
Ocean Shores Marina-Yes3-1
Ocean Shores, Marina View Drive Beach Access-Yes4-.02
Ocean Shores, North Jetty-Yes4-2.01
Oyhut And Illahee Beach North-Yes3-.77
Oyhut State Wildlife Area-Yes3-4.18
Oyhut and Illahee Beach Access-Yes3-.01
Pacific Blvd Ocean Shores-Yes4-.04
Pacific Beach State Park-Yes4-.32
Pacific Beach, Ocean Groove, Roosevelt Beach-Yes3-2.56
Point Grenville-Yes3-1.64
Port Of Grays Harbor-Yes3-1.37
Raft River-Yes3-.52
Roosevelt Beach Access-Yes4-.12
S Cape Elizabeth-Yes3-1.23
South Bay Bridge-Yes3-.68
South Oyhut And Illahee Beach-Yes3-.71
South Queets River, North Raft River-Yes3-5.28
South Raft River-Yes3-.52
Taholah, North Point Grenville-Yes4-3.08
Taholah, Quinault River Mouth-Yes3-.86
Taurus Blvd Beach Access-Yes4-.03
Tunnel Island-Yes3-1.1
Twin Harbors State Park-Yes4-.68
Unknown (BIDN 990013)-Yes3-1.07
Unknown (BIDN 990014)-Yes3-.23
Unknown (BIDN 990015)-Yes3-.45
Unknown (BIDN 990016)-Yes3-.35
Unknown (BIDN 990019)-Yes3-3.31
Westhaven State Park, Half Moon BayYes-1-.58
Westhaven State Park, South JettyYes-1-2.84
Westport - The GroynesYes-1-.84
Westport Airport-Yes3-1.13
Westport Beaches-Yes3-2.51
Westport Light State Park-Yes4-.54
Westport Marina, Westhaven Cove-Yes4-2.22
Count: 70Count: 3Count: 67
State Code: WA, County: Island
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Ala Spit County Park-Yes3-.9
Baby Island-Yes3-.1
Blowers Bluff-Yes3-1.93
Borgman Road End-Yes4-.01
Bush Point-Yes4-.02
Bush Point - Sandpiper Rd End-Yes3-.01
Bush Point Boat Launch-Yes4-.08
Bush Point, Beach 101-Yes4-.49
Cama Beach State Park-Yes3-1.1
Camano Island State Park-Yes4-1.35
Captain Coupe Park-Yes4-.07
Cavalero Beach County Park-Yes3-.23
Clinton Ferry Terminal-Yes4-.06
Cornet Bay County Dock-Yes4-.01
Coupeville Viewing Platform and Beach Access-Yes3-.65
Coupeville Wharf-Yes4-.06
Dave Mackie Memorial County ParkYes-1-.08
Deception Pass State Park (Island)-Yes4-7.15
Deer Lagoon-Yes3-1
Double Bluff ParkYes-1-.18
Driftwood County Park-Yes3-.04
Dugualla Bay Dike Access-Yes4-.33
Dugualla Bay, DNR-145-Yes3-.7
Dugualla Park-Yes3-1.16
E East Point-Yes3-1.03
East San De Fuca-Yes3-.51
Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve-Yes2-3.4
English Boom Park & Preserve-Yes3-.25
FN Onamac Point-Yes3-.29
FS Mabana-Yes3-.15
Flintstone Park-Yes4-.18
Fn Camano Head-Yes3-.83
Fort Casey State Park-Yes4-1.34
Fort Casey State Park Tidelands-Yes3-1.55
Fort Ebey State Park (DNR-140)-Yes3-2.49
Fox Trot Way Road End-Yes3-.02
Freeland County Park/ Holmes HarborYes-1-.36
Glendale Road End-Yes4-.02
Glendale, DNR-100-Yes4-.37
Glendale, DNRr-99-Yes4-.17
Grasser's Lagoon-Yes4-.77
Harrington Lagoon-Yes3-.82
Hastie Lake Road Boat Launch-Yes4-.04
Hidden Beach-Yes3-.26
High Road End-Yes3-.01
Holmes Harbor Private Beach-Yes3-.24
Iverson Spit Beach Access-Yes3-1.24
Joseph Whidbey State Park-Yes4-1.27
Keystone Ferry Terminal-Yes4-.17
Keystone Spit State Park-Yes4-1.52
Lagoon Point North (Westcliff Drive)-Yes4-.09
Lagoon Point South-Yes4-.01
Langley Boat Harbor & Fishing Pier-Yes4-.05
Langley Seawall Park-Yes4-.18
Langley Waterfront Park, The Inn At Langley-Yes3-.06
Ledgewood Beach Access / Admiralty Bay Beach-Yes4-2.77
Libbey Beach County Park-Yes4-.05
Limpet Lane Road End-Yes3-.01
Long Point Beach-Yes4-2.33
Mabana Port District Beach Access-Yes3-.01
Maple Grove Boat Launch-Yes4-.05
Mariner's Cove Boat Launch-Yes4-.02
Monroe Landing-Yes2-.39
Moran's Beach-Yes4-.02
Mutiny Bay Boat Launch (Road End)-Yes4-.03
Mutiny Bay Vista-Yes3-.06
N Bush Point-Yes3-.44
N Onamac Point-Yes3-.24
N Point Partridge-Yes3-2.68
Ne Cultus Bay-Yes3-.39
Oak Harbor City Marina-Yes4-.21
Oak Harbor City Park Tidelands-Yes3-.37
Pioneer Way East-Yes3-.29
Port of Coupeville Beach Access-Yes3-1.57
Possession Point Park-Yes4-.15
Possession Point State Park-Yes4-.39
S Point Susan-Yes3-.31
S Rocky Point-Yes3-.12
S Sandy Point-Yes3-.8
S Strawberry Point-Yes3-.43
S Useless Bay-Yes3-.68
San De Fuca-Yes3-.54
Saratoga Pass Tidelands-Yes4-1.68
Scatchet Head / Cultus Bay-Yes3-2.59
Snatelum Point-Yes3-.34
South Ebey's Landing-Yes3-.46
South Whidbey State Park-Yes4-.82
Strawberry Point North, DNR 142-Yes4-.44
Strawberry Point, DNR-142-Yes3-.51
Sunlight Beach Road End, East-Yes3-.01
Sunlight Beach Road End, West-Yes3-.01
Sunlight County Parcles-Yes4-.02
Sunrise Beach-Yes3-.86
Sunset Beach Public Access Point-Yes3-.02
Tillicum Beach-Yes3-.02
Unknown (BIDN 260134)-Yes3-.23
Useless Bay Tidelands-Yes4-2
Utsalady County Park-Yes3-.08
W Beach Rd Public Beach Access-Yes3-.13
W Elgar Bay-Yes3-.12
W Penn Cove-Yes3-2.15
W Penn Cove Beach-Yes4-.06
Whidbey Island Naval Air Station-Yes3-3.7
Winas-Maylor Point - West-Yes3-.47
Windjammer LagoonYes-1-.25
Windjammer Park-Yes2-.55
Count: 110Count: 4Count: 106
State Code: WA, County: Jefferson
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Aladdin Motor Inn Beach Access-Yes3-.08
Beach 5, Olympic National Park-Yes3-.4
Beach 7, Olympic National Park-Yes3-1.13
Bolton Peninsula, Beach 56-Yes4-.5
Brinnon Tidelands-Yes3-.19
Broad Spit-Yes4-.84
Broad Spit, Coast-Yes3-1.03
Brown Point, Beach 57b-Yes3-2.81
Camp Parsons Boy Scout Brinnon Camp-Yes2-1.28
Cape George, Beach 407-Yes4-4.61
Cape George, DNRr-409-Yes4-.57
Central Olympic National Park-Yes3-22.85
Chetzemoka Park-Yes2-.19
Coast Dabob East-Yes4-.42
Dosewallips State Park-Yes4-.71
Downtown Port Townsend Business District-Yes3-.21
Duckabush Public Tidelands-Yes4-1.3
Duckabush Tidelands-Yes3-1.29
East Beach County Park-Yes4-.02
East Beach County Park, Mystery Bay-Yes3-.01
Fort Flagler State ParkYes-1-4.73
Fort Worden State ParkYes-1-2.34
Gardiner Public Boat Launch-Yes4-.09
Hadlock Boat Launch-Yes4-.02
Hadlock Lions Park-Yes4-.66
Herb Beck MarinaYes-1-.28
Hicks County Park-Yes4-.07
Irondale Beach Park-Yes2-2.66
J.b. Pope Marina Park-Yes4-.13
Jackson Cove, Beach 55-Yes4-.51
Kinney Point, Beach 404a-Yes4-.74
Larry Scott Memorial Trail-Yes3-.72
Mats Mats Bay Boat Launch-Yes4-.02
Mystery Bay State ParkYes-1-.27
N Tabook Point-Yes3-.29
North Beach County ParkYes-1-.11
North Chetzeomka-Yes3-.27
North Mcdaniel Cove-Yes3-.87
North Quilcene Bay Tidelands-Yes3-.25
North Quilicene Harbor-Yes3-.12
North Triton Cove Access-Yes3-.05
Northeast Quilcene Bay Tidelands-Yes3-.03
Northwest Maritime Center-Yes3-.05
Oak Bay-Yes3-1.06
Oak Bay County Park-Yes2-1.29
Old Fort Townsend State Park-Yes4-.63
Pleasant Harbor Marina-Yes3-.18
Pleasant Harbor Park-Yes3-.19
Pleasant Harbor State Marine Park-Yes4-.03
Point Hudson Marina-Yes4-.54
Point Whitney TidelandsYes-1-.84
Port Ludlow Marina-Yes2-.21
Port Of Port Townsend-Yes3-.31
Port Townsend Boat Haven-Yes4-.6
Port Townsend Ferry Docks-Yes3-.09
Queets River Mouth-Yes3-4.46
Quilcene Bay Tidelands-Yes4-.5
Quilcene Bay Tidelands Access-Yes3-.4
Right Smart Cove State Park-Yes4-.12
Scow Bay-Yes3-1.28
Se Dabob Bay-Yes3-.55
Seal Rock Campground-Yes4-.56
Seven Sisters Beach, Point Hannon-Yes3-.27
Shine Tidelands-Yes4-1.15
Snake And Colvos Rocks-Yes3-.23
South Indian Island County Park-Yes4-2.35
South Mcdaniel Cove-Yes3-.44
South Old Port Townsend State Park-Yes3-.23
South Tala Point Public Access-Yes3-.03
Squamish Harbor, Beach 59-Yes4-.54
Tabook Point, Beach 57-Yes4-.57
Tala Shore-Yes3-.98
Toandos Tidelands State Park-Yes4-3.11
Triton Cove State Park-Yes4-.11
W Quilcene Bay-Yes3-1.33
West Fort Flagler Bridge-Yes3-.01
West Hood Canal Bridge-Yes3-.21
Wolfe Property State Park-Yes4-2.34
Count: 79Count: 6Count: 73
State Code: WA, County: King
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
16th Avenue West Access-Yes3-.47
1st Avenue South Bridge Boat Launch-Yes4-.02
20th Place Sw Road End-Yes4-.02
Alki Beach ParkYes-1-2.04
Alki Point Light Station-Yes3-.34
Anthony's Home Port Public Access-Yes4-.07
Arroyos Natural Area-Yes4-.12
Ballard Elks Public Access-Yes4-.06
Bell Harbor Marina-Yes3-.09
Bronson Street Road End-Yes3-.02
Burton Acres County Park-Yes3-.13
Carkeek Beach South-Yes3-1.26
Carkeek ParkYes-1-.54
Colman Dock (Seattle Main Terminal)-Yes4-.17
Cormorant Cove-Yes3-.04
Cove Park-Yes3-.01
Cross Landing Road End-Yes4-.01
Dash Point State ParkYes-1-.7
Des Moines Fishing Pier-Yes4-.11
Des Moines Marina-Yes3-1.47
Des Moines Marina City Beach Park-Yes2-.2
Diagonal St South Pacific Access-Yes3-.11
Discovery Park-Yes2-2.53
Dockton County Park-Yes3-.27
Don Armeni Park-Yes4-.29
Duwamish Public Access, Terminal 105-Yes3-.05
Duwamish Waterway Park-Yes4-.08
East Vashon Island County, Beach 85-Yes4-.28
Elliot Bay Marina-Yes3-.42
Elliot Bay Park-Yes3-.72
Emma Schmitz Me-kwa Mooks Park-Yes4-.31
Fauntleroy Ferry Dock-Yes4-.02
Fern Cove Park-Yes3-.13
Fidalgo Street Road End-Yes3-.01
Gilman Ave W End-Yes3-.02
Golden GardensYes-1-.89
Herrings House Park / Terminal 107 Park-Yes3-.57
Hiram M. Chittendon Locks-Yes4-.56
Jack Block Park-Yes3-.4
Jack Perry Memorial View Point-Yes3-.13
Jack Perry Memorial Viewpoint-Yes3-.17
Lincoln ParkYes-1-1.03
Lisabuela Park-Yes3-.05
Lost Lake Park-Yes3-.26
Lowman Beach-Yes2-.06
Magnolia Park-Yes4-.16
Magnolia Tidelands Park-Yes3-1.83
Marine View Park-Yes4-.23
Maury Island County Marine Park-Yes4-1.39
Maury Island County, Beach 83-Yes4-.35
Myrtle Edwards Park-Yes2-.31
NW 57th Street End-Yes3-.01
Olympic Sculpture Park-Yes3-.12
Pier 69, Seattle Waterfront-Yes3-.09
Piers 62 And 63-Yes3-.05
Point Heyer 'Kvi' Beach-Yes4-.8
Point Robinson County Park-Yes4-.26
Portland St & 8th Ave. Road End-Yes3-.02
Poverty Bay County Park-Yes4-.3
Redondo City Beach-Yes3-.21
Redondo County ParkYes-1-.11
Richey ViewpointYes-1-.33
Richmond Beach Saltwater ParkYes-1-.52
SW 98th St End-Yes3-.01
SW Andover St End-Yes3-.01
SW Caroll St End-Yes4-.03
SW Spokane St A End-Yes3-.02
SW Spokane St C End-Yes3-.04
SW Spokane Street Bridge-Yes3-.08
Saltwater State ParkYes-1-.28
Seacrest Park-Yes2-.42
Seahurst ParkYes-1-.75
Seattle Aquarium-Yes3-.12
Seattle Waterfront Park-Yes4-.08
Shilshole Bay Marina-Yes4-.9
Smith Cove Park-Yes4-.3
Southeast Vashon Island County, Beach 79-Yes4-.12
Southworth Ferry Dock, Vashon Island-Yes4-.33
Spring Beach County Park-Yes4-.2
Terminal 115 Viewpoint-Yes3-.4
Terminal 18 Public Access Park-Yes3-.08
Three Tree Point-Yes4-.01
Three Tree Street Road End-Yes4-.02
Tramp Harbor-Yes3-.42
Tramp Harbor Fishing Pier-Yes4-.06
Tramp Harbor Tidelands-Yes3-.08
Vashon Highway Access Point-Yes3-.03
W Sheridan St End-Yes3-.01
West Vashon Island County, Beach 77-Yes4-.12
West Vashon Island County, Beach 78-Yes4-.36
West Vashon Land Trust-Yes3-.08
Winghaven Park-Yes4-.11
Zenith Overlook & Beach Access-Yes3-.01
Count: 93Count: 10Count: 83
State Code: WA, County: Kitsap
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
American Legion Park-Yes4-.15
Anderson Landing Preserve-Yes3-.35
Anderson Point County Park-Yes3-.44
Annapolis Public Access Area-Yes4-.21
Arness County ParkYes-1-.09
Aroydy Thai Cuisine-Yes3-.09
Bachmann Park-Yes4-.03
Bainbridge Condominiums-Yes3-.05
Bainbridge Island Land Trust-Yes3-.11
Blake Island County State Park-Yes4-3.97
Blakely Harbor Park-Yes3-.63
Bloedel Reserve-Yes3-.28
Bremerton Ferry Terminal-Yes4-.05
Broom St Road End-Yes3-.01
Brownsville Elementary School-Yes3-.1
Brownsville Elementary School North Parcel-Yes3-.02
Chico Boat Launch-Yes4-.03
Clear Creek Trail - Public-Yes3-.06
Country Club Of Seattle-Yes3-1.16
Curley Creek-Yes3-.06
Dock St Road End-Yes3-.01
Eagle Harbor Marina-Yes3-.04
Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park-Yes2-.21
East Anderson Cove-Yes3-.52
East Dyes Inlet County Tideland Parcel-Yes3-.12
East Hood Canal Bridge-Yes3-.03
East Indianola-Yes3-.2
Eglon Boat Launch-Yes4-.03
Evergreen Park-Yes2-.36
Fairy Dell Park-Yes3-.02
Fay Bainbridge ParkYes-1-.28
Fort Ward State Park-Yes3-.83
Foulweather Bluff, Beach 64-Yes4-.69
Foulweather Reserve-Yes3-.72
Front Street Dock-Yes4-.09
Gilberton Tidelands-Yes3-.09
Gordon Dr Road End-Yes3-.01
Gowen Pl Road End-Yes3-.01
Grotle Dr Road End-Yes3-.02
Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve-Yes3-.32
Hansville, Beach 69-Yes4-.44
Harborview Drive Trail-Yes3-0
Harbour Marina-Yes3-.05
Harper Count Park-Yes3-.61
Harper Public Fishing Pier-Yes4-.03
Hawley Cove Park-Yes3-.12
Hidden Cove Road End-Yes3-.01
Illahee Pier-Yes4-.01
Illahee Road Bridge-Yes3-.09
Illahee State ParkYes-1-.35
Indianola DockYes-1-.02
J.A. and Anna Smith Park-Yes4-.14
Joel Pritchard ParkYes-1-.84
Keyport Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Keyport County Park-Yes4-.08
Keyport Marina-Yes3-.02
King Countyston Ferry Terminal-Yes4-.53
Kingston Marina-Yes4-.24
Kitsap Memorial State ParkYes-1-.16
Kitsap Memorial State Park Tidelands-Yes3-.21
Lafayette Ave Road End-Yes3-.01
Lala Cove Country Club-Yes3-.09
Lents Landing-Yes4-.03
Liberty Bay Marina-Yes3-.07
Liberty Bay Park-Yes4-.17
Liberty Bay Tidelands-Yes3-3.23
Lions FieldYes-1-.5
Little Norway Boardwalk-Yes4-.17
Lovell Avenue Road End-Yes3-.01
Lowell Street Road End-Yes3-.03
Lytle Road End Community Park-Yes3-.04
Madrona Heights-Yes3-.24
Manchester State Park-Yes2-.64
Manette Bridge-Yes3-.07
Miller Bay Boat Launch-Yes3-.03
Miller Bay Tidelands-Yes3-.2
Misery Point Boat Launch-Yes4-.03
Nad Marine Park-Yes4-.27
Nelson Park-Yes4-.23
Net Shed Park-Yes3-.11
Nick's Lagoon County Park-Yes3-.51
North Lebo-Yes3-.15
North Murden Cove (State)-Yes3-.06
North Skiff Point-Yes3-.04
North Wing Point-Yes3-.02
Northwest Point White-Yes3-.03
Ocean Drive Road End-Yes3-.01
Olalla Bay Tidelands-Yes3-1.1
Olalla Beach-Yes3-.64
Olalla Boat Launch-Yes4-.02
Old Man House Park-Yes4-.04
Oyster Bay-Yes3-.14
Oyster Bay Plaza-Yes3-.16
Oyster Plant Park-Yes2-.02
Pebble Beach Rd End-Yes4-.01
Point No Point County Park, DNR-68-Yes4-.49
Point No Point Lighthouse ParkYes-1-.39
Point White-Yes3-.71
Point White Dock-Yes4-.1
Pomeroy Park - Manchester BeachYes-1-.05
Port Madison Water Company Open Space-Yes3-.18
Port Of Brownsville Marine Park And Marina-Yes4-.24
Port Of Waterman Beach-Yes3-.02
Port Orchard Boat Launch-Yes4-.09
Port Orchard Marina-Yes4-.15
Port Orchard Pier-Yes4-.05
Port Orchard Waterfront Businesses-Yes3-.91
Port Orchard Waterfront Park-Yes4-.07
Port Washington Marina-Yes3-.17
Poulsbo Boat Launch and Marina-Yes4-.16
Prospect Point Beach-Yes3-.3
Rockaway Beach Park-Yes3-.05
Rolling Bay-Yes3-.13
Roosevelt Field-Yes3-.04
Ross Point Tidelands-Yes4-.13
S Agate Pass-Yes3-.18
S Driftwood Cove-Yes3-.06
Salsbury Point County ParkYes-1-.16
Sanwick Road End-Yes3-.01
Scenic Beach State ParkYes-1-.27
Schel-chelb Estuary-Yes3-.09
Seabold Road End-Yes3-.01
Seabold Tidelands-Yes3-.51
Silverdale Waterfront ParkYes-1-.18
Sinclair Inlet Wildlife Viewing Area-Yes3-2.36
Skogen Lane Road End-Yes3-0
South Brownsville-Yes3-.04
South Eagle Harbor Tidelands-Yes3-.31
South Fay Bainbridge-Yes3-.4
South Murden Cove-Yes3-.03
South Point Southworth-Yes3-.25
South Skiff Point-Yes3-.03
South Tekiu, DNR-40-Yes4-.48
South Warren Bridge-Yes3-.04
South Waterman Point-Yes3-.08
Southeast Port Washington Narrows-Yes3-.01
Southworth-Vashon Ferry-Yes3-.06
Stavis Bay Beach-Yes3-.39
Suquamish (Old Man House)-Yes4-.33
T'chookwop Park-Yes3-.01
Taylor Ave Road End-Yes3-.01
Thorpe Road-Yes3-.11
Tracyton Boat Launch-Yes4-.07
Waterman Public Pier-Yes4-.03
West Dyes Inlet-Yes3-.13
West Point Jefferson-Yes3-1.3
West Port Madison Park Nature Preserve-Yes3-.04
West Wing Point-Yes3-.06
Wharf St Road End-Yes3-.01
Wilson Creek-Yes3-.34
Winslow Ferry Terminal-Yes4-.13
Winslow Way Road End-Yes3-.06
Winslow Wharf Marina-Yes3-.11
Woodland Drive Road End-Yes3-.01
Wynn-Jones County Park-Yes4-.06
Yacht Club Broiler Walkway-Yes3-.04
Count: 168Count: 12Count: 156
State Code: WA, County: Mason
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Alderbrook Resort-Yes3-.07
Allyn Waterfront Park-Yes2-.08
Allyn Waterfront Park Tidelands-Yes4-.07
Arcadia Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Belfair State ParkYes-1-.68
Dewatto Bay, Beach 44a-Yes4-.23
Eagle Creek Recreational Tidelands-Yes4-.24
End Of Twanoh State Park-Yes3-.2
Fairharbor Marina-Yes3-.04
Grapeview Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Harstine Island County State Park-Yes4-.51
Hartstene Island Bridge-Yes3-.03
Hartstene Island County, Beach 33-Yes4-.27
Hood Canal Saltwater Park-Yes4-.23
Hood Canal, Beach 46-Yes4-.26
Hood Canal, Beach 47-Yes4-.18
Hood Canal, Beach 48-Yes4-1.8
Hoodsport Hatchery-Yes3-.05
Hoodsport Marina & Ingvald J. Gronvold Park-Yes4-.08
Hoodsport, Beach 43 (N Hoodsport Hatchery)-Yes4-.73
Hope Island (Mason Co.)-Yes3-1.63
Jarrell Cove State Park-Yes3-.62
Jarrell Cove, Beach 34-Yes4-.64
Kennedy Creek Tidelands-Yes3-2.5
Latimer's Landing-Yes4-.01
Lilliwaup Tidelands State Park-Yes3-.95
Little Skookum-Yes3-.91
Lynch Cove / Hood Canal Land Trust-Yes3-.35
Main St Rd End-Yes3-.01
Manke Lumber Company Access-Yes3-2.05
Mason County - Unknown-Yes3-.07
Mcmicken Island County State Park-Yes4-.57
N Case Inlet-Yes3-.62
North Bay Kayak Park-Yes3-.04
North Bay Recreation Area-Yes3-.09
North Bay Res Tidelands-Yes3-.72
North Oakland Bay-Yes3-.23
Northeast Case Inlet Tidelands-Yes3-.3
Northwest Case Inlet Tidelands-Yes3-1.89
Oakland Bay & Chapman Cove Exclusive-Yes3-2.32
Oakland Bay Recreational Tidelands-Yes3-.53
Oakland Bay Tidelands-Yes3-.25
Port Of Allyn Public Boat Launch-Yes4-.04
Port Of Allyn Public Dock-Yes3-.05
Potlatch State ParkYes-1-.31
Potlatch State Park Tidelands-Yes3-2.56
Reach Island Bridge-Yes3-.04
Rendsland Creek-Yes4-.17
Shelton Boat Launch And Marina-Yes4-.1
Shorecrest (Jacoby) County Park-Yes4-.04
South Graham Point-Yes3-.21
South Jorsted Creek-Yes3-.22
South Of Lilliwaup Tidelands State Park-Yes4-.15
Stretch Island Bridge-Yes3-.03
Stretch Island County, Beach 20-Yes4-.33
Stretch Point State Park-Yes4-.25
Summer Tide Resort And Marina-Yes3-.05
Twanoh State ParkYes-1-.42
Union Public Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Union River Wildlife Area (Theler Area)-Yes3-3.09
Walker County Park-Yes2-.09
Count: 62Count: 3Count: 59
State Code: WA, County: Pacific
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bay Avenue / Ocean Park Beach-Yes4-.02
Bay Center Boat Channel-Yes3-.03
Bruceport County Park-Yes4-.64
Bush Pioneer Park-Yes3-.92
Cape Disappointment Coast Guard Station-Yes3-1.6
Cape Disappointment State Park-Yes3-7.68
Cape Shoalwater-Yes3-1.07
Cranberry Road Beach Access-Yes4-.01
Grayland Beach State Park-Yes4-1.72
Hawks Point-Yes3-2.19
Highway 101 Bridge, South Willipa-Yes3-.1
Holman Beach-Yes3-1.7
Klipsan Beach Access-Yes4-.01
Leadbetter Point State Park Beach-Yes4-11.7
Lewis Unit, Willapa NWR-Yes4-10.07
Long Beach-Yes3-3.08
Long Beach Boardwalk-Yes4-.39
Long Beach: 17th Street SW Beach Access-Yes3-1.13
Long Beach: Bolstad Beach Approach-Yes4-.24
Long Beach: Sid Snyder Drive Beach Approach-Yes4-.02
Long Island County Unit, Willapa NWR-Yes4-39.74
Loomis Lake State Park-Yes4-.08
Midway Beach Access-Yes4-.04
Nacotta Tidelands-Yes3-.08
Nahcotta Small Boat Basin-Yes4-1.13
Nemah Li-Yes3-1.41
Nemah River-Yes3-2.22
Nemah River North-Yes3-2.45
North Cove-Yes3-1.04
North Cove Beach Access-Yes4-.27
North Klipsan-Yes3-1.83
North Willapa National Wildlife Refuge-Yes3-3.82
Ocean Park-Yes3-.66
Ocean Park North-Yes3-3.16
Old Highway 105 Beach Access-Yes3-.05
Oysterville Beach Access-Yes4-.02
Pacific Beach-Yes3-2.61
Pacific County Pines State Park-Yes4-.11
Palix River Boat Launch-Yes3-.15
Rhodesia Beach-Yes3-1
Riekkola Unit, Willapa NWR-Yes4-4.58
Robert Bush Memorial Park and Kayak Launch-Yes3-.11
Sandy Point-Yes3-.35
Seaview Beach Access-Yes4-.01
Smith Creek / North River Public Fishing Access-Yes4-6.02
South Bend Fishing Access And Boat Launch-Yes4-.16
South Bend Waterfront Promenade-Yes3-.12
South Grayland Beach-Yes3-1.51
South Naselle River - State-Yes3-.5
South Nemah River - State-Yes3-1.41
Southeast Goose Point-Yes3-.16
Tokeland Marina-Yes4-.98
Tokeland Marina Tidelands-Yes3-1.11
Warrenton Cannery Road Beach Access-Yes3-.02
Willapa Harbor Airport-Yes3-3.12
Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Boat Launch-Yes3-.32
Count: 58Count: 0Count: 58
State Code: WA, County: Pierce
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
182nd Avenue KPN Road End-Yes3-0
Amsterdam Bay-Yes3-.24
Anderson Island County Ferry Dock-Yes4-.01
Anderson Island County, Beach 8-Yes4-1.55
Andrew Anderson's Marine Park-Yes3-1
Arrbella's Marina-Yes3-.09
Austin Estuary Park-Yes3-.09
Berg Drive Road End Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Browns Point Lighthouse Park-Yes2-.15
Chambers Creek Regional Park-Yes2-3.09
Chinook Landing Marina-Yes3-.21
Cutts Island County State Park-Yes4-.26
Dash Point County ParkYes-1-.19
Delin Docks - Thea Foss City Marina-Yes3-.26
Devils Head, Beach 13-Yes4-.28
Dickman Mill Park-Yes3-.36
Eagle Island County State Park-Yes4-.38
East Devils Point-Yes3-.34
Fire Department # 5 Park-Yes3-.06
Fort Lewis-Yes3-3.28
Foss Harbor Marina-Yes3-.41
Fox Island Bridge-Yes3-.28
Fox Island County Bridge Boat Launch-Yes4-.03
Fox Island Fishing Pier-Yes3-.07
Gig Harbor City Park-Yes4-.1
Gig Harbor Waterfront-Yes3-.38
Green Point-Yes3-.54
Haley State Park-Yes4-1.09
Hall Road End Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Hamilton Park-Yes4-.03
Harbor Lights Restaurant-Yes3-.04
Harborview Drive Road End Viewpoint-Yes4-.03
Herron Ferry Terminal -Main Land-Yes4-.09
Home Boat Launch-Yes4-.04
Horsehead Bay Boat Launch-Yes4-.06
Hylebos Marina-Yes3-.4
Jack Hyde ParkYes-1-.28
Jerisich Park And City Dock-Yes4-.08
Joemma State Park-Yes4-.55
Johnnys Dock & Marina-Yes3-.13
Johnson South Sound Preserve-Yes3-.44
Kamas Drive Road End-Yes4-.01
Katie Downs Tavern-Yes3-.09
Kopachuck State Park-Yes2-.68
Kpn Olman Vaugh Bay Sandspit, Beach 18-Yes4-.72
Lakebay School-Yes3-.06
Longbranch Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Longbranch Dock-Yes4-.02
Luciano's Italian Restaurant-Yes3-.04
Maple Hollow Recreation Site-Yes4-.28
N Amsterdam Bay-Yes3-.48
N Fort Lewis-Yes3-.25
N Fox Point-Yes3-.18
N Green Point-Yes3-.36
Narrows Park-Yes3-.02
Narrows/Day Island Marina-Yes3-.81
North Commencement Bay Beach Access-Yes3-.45
North Pitt Pass-Yes3-.22
North Steilacoom Beach-Yes3-.57
North Sunrise Beach-Yes3-.37
North Taylor Bay-Yes3-.28
Northeast Narrows-Yes3-2.16
Northwest Gig Harbor-Yes3-.12
Northwest Narrows-Yes3-.7
Ocean Fish Co - Johnny's Seafood-Yes3-.02
Old Fox Island Ferry Terminal-Yes3-.03
Old Fox Island Ferry Terminal South-Yes3-.25
Old Town Dock-Yes3-.01
Ole & Charlie's Marina-Yes3-.29
Owen Beach/Point Defiance ParkYes-1-4.71
Penrose Point State Park-Yes2-2.21
Pitt Passage, Beach 6-Yes4-.32
Point Evans, Beach 36-Yes4-.58
Point Fosdick, Beach 1-Yes4-.46
Point Fosdick, Beach 1a-Yes4-.18
Puget Creek Beach-Yes3-.09
Purdy Sandspit County ParkYes-1-1.4
Ram American Grill & Fishhouse-Yes3-.08
Randall Drive Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Ruston Way Waterfront Park-Yes4-1.32
S Eagle Island County, Anderson Island County-Yes4-.55
Salt Point / South Gordon Point-Yes4-.44
Saltars Point Beach-Yes2-.3
Shenanigan's Restaurant-Yes3-.09
Silver Cloud Inn/tacoma-Yes3-.15
Solo Point Boat Launch-Yes2-.18
South Anderson Island-Yes3-.5
South Filucy Bay-Yes3-.48
South Hale Passage-Yes3-.13
South Maple Hollow-Yes3-.18
South Nearns Point-Yes3-.3
South Otso Point-Yes3-.8
Southeast Narrows-Yes3-.65
Southwest Anderson Island-Yes3-.99
Steilacoom Boat Launch-Yes4-.04
Steilacoom Ferry Docks-Yes3-.21
Steilacoom Marina-Yes3-.09
Sunnyside Beach North-Yes3-.21
Sunnyside Beach ParkYes-1-.44
Sunrise Beach/Doc Weathers Park-Yes4-.23
Tacoma Demolay Sandspit Nature Preserve-Yes2-.39
Taylor Bay-Yes3-.62
Taylor Bay, Beach 16-Yes4-.44
Thea's Park-Yes3-.13
Titlow Park-Yes1-.98
Treble Point-Yes3-.98
Waterfront Dock / Ruston WayYes-1-.04
Wauna Boat Launch-Yes4-.01
Wauna, Beach 35-Yes4-.17
Wauna, Beach 35a-Yes4-.44
West Gig Harbor-Yes3-.13
West Oro Bay Beach-Yes3-1.23
Windy Bluff-Yes4-.39
Wollochet Bay Boat Launch-Yes3-.01
Wollochet Bay Estuary Park-Yes3-.27
Count: 116Count: 6Count: 110
State Code: WA, County: San Juan
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Agate Beach County Park-Yes4-.72
Aleck Bay, DNR-308-Yes4-1.47
American Camp-Yes4-5.39
American Camp - Jackles Lagoon-Yes4-.38
Andrews Bay-Yes3-.13
Armitage Island County, Beach 290-Yes4-.44
Barnes Island, Beach 229-Yes4-1.26
Bartwood Lodge-Yes3-.17
Beach Haven, Beach 238-Yes4-.26
Blackie Brady Memorial Beach-Yes3-.01
Blakely Island County, Beach 290-Yes4-5.13
Blakely Island County, Beach 292-Yes4-1.65
Blakely Island County, Beach 292a-Yes4-.59
Blakely Island Marina-Yes3-.2
Blind Bay DNR-260d-Yes4-1.1
Blind Island County State Park-Yes4-.25
Broken Point, Beach 260a-Yes4-1.37
Cactus Island Countys, Beach 353A-Yes4-1.04
Cactus Island Countys, Beach 353B-Yes4-.51
Canoe Island County, Beach 296A-Yes4-1.2
Cape St. Mary, DNR-311-Yes4-2.23
Cattle Point-Yes4-.53
Cattle Point Lighthouse Recreation Site-Yes4-.32
Cattle Point, Beach 326a-Yes4-2.56
Center Island County Recreation Site-Yes4-.11
Center Island County, Beach 324a-Yes4-2
Clark Island County State Park-Yes4-2.24
Coon Island County, Beach 245a-Yes4-.33
Crane Island County, Beach 250a-Yes4-.88
Crane Island County, Beach 250b-Yes4-.31
Crescent Beach Preserve-Yes3-.41
Decatur Island County, Beach 319a-Yes4-.46
Decatur Island County, Beach 323-Yes4-2.31
Decatur Island County, Beach 324-Yes4-.34
Decatur Island County, Beach 325A-Yes4-1.69
Deer Harbor Marina-Yes3-.12
Deer Harbor Preserve-Yes3-.13
Deer Harbor, Beach 240b-Yes4-.4
Deer Point, Beach 277-Yes4-.57
Diamond Point, Beach 265-Yes4-1.54
Doe Bay, Beach 281a-Yes4-.26
Doe Island County State Park-Yes4-.48
Double Island County, Beach 251-Yes4-.88
Double Island County, Beach 251a-Yes4-.33
E. Olga County Park-Yes4-.12
Eagle Cove-Yes4-1.92
Eagle Cove County Park-Yes3-.02
East Sound Waterfront Park-Yes4-.15
East Sound, Beach 266-Yes4-.56
East Sound, Beach 267-Yes4-1.04
East Sound, Beach 270-Yes4-1.63
East Sound, Beach 274-Yes4-1.15
East Sound, Beach 275-Yes4-.7
English Camp Historic Park-Yes4-2.04
Ewing Island County, Beach 367a-Yes4-1.1
Fish Creek Public Access-Yes3-.01
Fisherman Bay Preserve-Yes3-1
Fishery Point, Beach 363-Yes4-.75
Flat Point, Beach 295-Yes4-1.21
Flower Isle, Beach 266b-Yes4-.11
Freeman Island County State Park-Yes4-.22
Friday Harbor Ferry Landing-Yes3-.02
Friday Harbor Labs-Yes3-2.84
Frost Island County, Beach 318-Yes4-1.66
Griffin Bay State Park-Yes4-.07
Hankin Point, Beach 264-Yes4-2.79
Harney Channel, Beach 262-Yes4-.74
Henry Island County, Beach 339a-Yes4-.42
Hunter Bay County Dock-Yes4-.02
Hunter Bay, Beach 313-Yes4-.34
Hunter Bay, Beach 313a-Yes4-.17
Hunter Bay, Beach 314-Yes4-.62
Iceberg Island County-Yes4-.35
Indian Island, Beach 270a-Yes3-.19
Island Marine Center-Yes3-.02
Jackson Beach County Park-Yes4-1.01
James Island County State Park-Yes4-2.45
Johns Island County, DNR 356-Yes4-4.1
Johns Island Lighthouse Reserve-Yes3-.18
Johns Island, Beach 356-Yes4-.24
Johns Point, Beach 307-Yes4-1.08
Jones Island County State Park-Yes4-3.25
Justice Island-Yes3-.23
Justice Island, DNR-367C-Yes3-.16
Kellett Bluff, Beach 341-Yes4-2.31
Lime Kiln Point State Park-Yes4-.59
Little Patos Island County, Beach 366a-Yes4-.7
Little Sucia-Yes4-.9
Lopez Island County, Beach 305-Yes4-.94
Lopez Island Marina-Yes3-.06
Lopez Pass, Beach 312a-Yes4-1.35
Lopez Sound, Beach 315-Yes4-1.97
Lopez Sound, Beach 317-Yes4-1.81
Lover's Cove, Beach 239-Yes4-1.62
Mackaye Harbor Boat Launch-Yes4-.1
Madrona Point Public Dock-Yes3-.06
Matia Island County State Park-Yes4-3.92
Mcardle Bay, DNR-309-Yes4-1.73
Mcconnell Island County, Beach 245-Yes4-.55
Mccracken Point, Beach 340-Yes4-.54
Mckaye Harbor, Beach 306-Yes3-.39
Moran State Park Tidelands-Yes4-1.54
Mosquito Pass, DNR 344-Yes4-.46
Mud Bay Dock Road End-Yes4-.03
Mud Bay Tidelands-Yes4-.88
Mud Bay, Beach P1-Yes4-1.17
N Blakely Island-Yes3-1.47
N Spencer Spit-Yes3-.98
Neck Point, Beach 259A-Yes4-2.46
North Beach Road End-Yes4-.1
North Finger Island County, Beach 367b-Yes4-1.68
Northeast Stuart Island County, Beach 356-Yes4-1.14
Northwest Mcconnell Island Rock-Yes3-.21
Oak Island County, Beach 257a-Yes4-.13
Obstruction Pass Boat Launch-Yes4-.02
Obstruction Pass County Park-Yes4-.18
Obstruction Pass Recreation Site-Yes4-.59
Obstruction Pass, Beach 276-Yes4-.81
Odlin County Park-Yes4-.83
Old Post Road End-Yes3-.02
Olga Public Dock-Yes4-.01
Orcas Ferry Public Dock-Yes4-.05
Orcas Island County, Beach 266B-Yes4-.58
Orcas Island County, Beach 279-Yes4-.67
Orcas Island County, Beach 282-Yes4-.32
Orcas Island County, Beach 283-Yes4-.75
Otis Perkins Day Park-Yes4-1.05
Patos Island County State Park-Yes4-3.87
Pear Point, Beach 332-Yes4-1.59
Point Colville-Yes4-.41
Point Doughty Recreation Site-Yes4-1.21
Point Doughty, Beach 236-Yes4-.45
Point Hammond, Beach 362-Yes4-.62
Point Lawrence Recreation Site-Yes4-1.7
Point Lawrence Tidelands-Yes4-1.77
Point Thompson, Beach 234-Yes4-.53
Pointer Island-Yes3-.09
Port Of Friday Harbor-Yes4-.23
Posey Island County State Park-Yes4-.17
President's Channel, Beach 240-Yes4-1.26
Raccoon Point, Beach 233-Yes4-1.36
Ram Island County, Dnr-312b-Yes4-.78
Reads Bay, Beach 319-Yes4-.49
Reads Bay, Beach 325-Yes4-.42
Reuben Tarte County Park-Yes4-.16
Roche Harbor Marina-Yes3-.22
Roche Harbor Resort-Yes3-.7
Rock Point, Beach 303-Yes4-.3
Rocky Bay, Beach 336-Yes4-2.22
Rosario Resort-Yes3-.33
Rosario, Beach 272-Yes4-1.52
San Juan County Channel, Beach 298-Yes4-1.12
San Juan County Channel, Beach 334-Yes4-3.44
San Juan County County Park-Yes4-.57
San Juan County Island County, Beach 330-Yes4-2.13
San Juan Preservation Trust, Henry Island-Yes3-.54
San Juan Preservation Trust, Stuart Island-Yes3-.33
San Juan Preservation Trust, Waldron Island-Yes3-1.22
Sandy Point, Beach 364-Yes4-.75
Satellite Island County, Beach 358-Yes4-3.09
Shark Reef County Park-Yes4-.29
Shark Reef, Beach 304-Yes4-3.32
Shaw Island County County Park / Indian Cove-Yes4-.9
Shaw Island County County Park Tidelands (DNR-296)-Yes4-.51
Shaw Island County Pier-Yes3-.05
Shaw Island County, Beach 258-Yes4-.99
Shaw Island County, Beach 260c-Yes4-.62
Shaw Island County, DNR-260-Yes4-1.03
Shaw Landing-Yes3-.02
Sheep Island County, Beach 255A-Yes4-.27
Skull Island County State Park-Yes4-.31
Snug Harbor Resort And Marina-Yes3-.11
South Finger Island County, Beach 367c-Yes4-1.53
Southeast Stuart Island County, Beach 356B-Yes4-.75
Spencer Spit State Park-Yes4-1.63
Sperry Road Access To Mud Bay-Yes3-.09
Spieden Bluff, Beach 353-Yes4-2.3
Spieden Island County, Beach 352-Yes4-.28
Spieden Island County, Beach 352A-Yes4-.47
Spring Passage, Beach 240a-Yes4-3.22
Stuart Island County State Park-Yes4-1.31
Stuart Island County, Beach 359-Yes4-5.71
Sucia Island State Park-Yes3-12.85
Swirl Island-Yes3-.23
Thatcher Pass, Beach 291-Yes4-2.47
Thatcher Pass, Beach 322-Yes4-3.21
Trump Island County, Beach 320-Yes4-.81
Turn Island County State Park-Yes4-1.14
Turn Point County Day Park-Yes3-.03
Turn Point Lighthouse-Yes3-1.02
Twin Rocks State Park-Yes4-.22
Upright Channel Recreation Site-Yes4-.13
Upright Head, Beach 294-Yes4-.7
Victim Island, Beach 251b-Yes3-.31
Waldron Island Boat Launch, DNR-361A-Yes3-.06
Waldron Island County, Beach 361-Yes4-.93
Waldron Island County, Beach 361A-Yes4-.18
Waldron Island Preserve-Yes3-.74
Wasp Passage, Beach 259-Yes4-1.44
Watmough Bay-Yes3-.19
Weeks Point Way Access-Yes3-.01
Weeks Wetland Preserve Trail-Yes4-.63
West Bay County Public Dock-Yes3-.02
West Beach Road End-Yes3-.01
West Sound Marina-Yes3-.1
Willow Island-Yes4-.49
Yellow Island Preserve-Yes3-.66
Count: 214Count: 0Count: 214
State Code: WA, County: Skagit
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Anacortes Ferry Terminal Beach-Yes4-2.75
Bayview Boat Launch-Yes2-.02
Bayview State ParkYes-1-.52
Boat Harbor, East Guemes Island-Yes3-.45
Burrows Bay, Far North-Yes3-.31
Burrows Island County State Park-Yes4-.82
Burrows Island East-Yes3-.32
Burrows Island North-Yes3-1.58
Burrows Island, Southeast-Yes3-.14
Cap Sante Marina-Yes4-1.14
Cap Sante Park-Yes4-.69
Clark Point, North Guemes Island-Yes3-.63
Cone Island Countys State Park-Yes4-.98
Cypress Head Recreation Site-Yes4-.63
Cypress Head, Beach 209-Yes4-.6
Cypress Head, Beach 210-Yes4-2.29
Cypress Head, Beach 211-Yes4-3.09
Deception Pass State Park (Skagit)-Yes2-4.77
Deception Pass State Park Tidelands (Skagit)-Yes3-.73
Dewey Beach-Yes3-.13
Dirty Biter Park-Yes3-.01
Eagle Cliff, Beach 286-Yes4-2.29
Eagle Harbor, Beach 212a-Yes4-2.24
Fidalgo Bay-Yes3-3.02
Gilley Square Waterfront Access-Yes3-.01
Goat Island-Yes3-1.83
Guemes Island, Peach Reserve-Yes3-.4
Guemes Island, South-Yes3-.19
Hope Island County (Skagit County County)-Yes4-2.58
Huckleberry Island-Yes3-.57
Kiwanis Waterfront Park-Yes3-.06
La Conner Boat Launch at Pioneer Park-Yes4-.16
La Conner Marina-Yes3-.95
Larrabee State Park, Clayton Beach-Yes4-.72
Lower Cap Sante Park-Yes4-.25
March Point Recreational Beach-Yes3-3.32
Milltown Access-Yes4-12.15
North Beach, Guemes Island-Yes3-.35
North Fork Access-Yes4-12.08
Northwest Island County Marine Park-Yes4-.19
Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve-Yes3-.22
Padilla Bay Shore Trail-Yes3-2.2
Pelican Beach Recreation Site-Yes4-.92
Rosario Beach-Yes3-.15
Saddlebag Island County State Park-Yes4-1.3
Salmon Beach-Yes4-.03
Samish Island Recreation Area-Yes3-.27
Seafarer Park-Yes2-.25
Sharpe County Park-Yes3-.93
Sinclair Island County Dock-Yes4-.04
Sinclair Island County, Beach 213-Yes4-1.04
Sinclair Island County, Beach 213A (North)-Yes4-.21
Sinclair Island, Beach 213A (South)-Yes3-.58
Skagit County Island County State Park-Yes4-.73
Skyline Marina-Yes3-1.79
Strawberry Bay, Beach 287-Yes4-3.52
Strawberry Island County Recreation Site-Yes4-.73
Swinomish Channel Boat Launch-Yes4-.04
Swinomish Park and Public Float-Yes3-.03
Vendovi Island County, Beach 214-Yes4-2.39
Washington Park-Yes4-1.9
Washington Street Public Dock-Yes3-.04
Young County Park North Beach-Yes4-.17
Count: 64Count: 1Count: 63
State Code: WA, County: Snohomish
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
10th St Marine Park & Boat Launch-Yes4-.56
Brackett's Landing & Edmonds Underwater ParkYes-1-.43
Brown Bay Rail-Yes3-3.55
Darlington Beach And Tidelands-Yes4-1.78
Darlington Beach North, Rail-Yes3-.25
Edmonds Marina-Yes3-.61
Edmonds Marina Beach Dog Park-Yes2-.11
Edmonds Marina Beach ParkYes-1-.16
Forest Park-Yes4-.28
Howarth ParkYes-1-.72
Howarth Park South-Yes3-.31
Jetty IslandYes-1-5.4
Kayak Point County ParkYes-1-.73
Leque Island County-Yes4-3.35
Meadowdale County Park-Yes3-.22
Mission Beach Park-Yes4-.46
Mukilteo Community Beach-Yes4-.15
Mukilteo Fishing Pier-Yes4-.01
Mukilteo Lighthouse ParkYes-1-.29
Mukilteo Park South, Rail-Yes3-.4
Nakeeta Beach South, Rail-Yes3-1.54
Nakeeta Beach Tidelands-Yes4-.06
North Marine View Park-Yes4-.16
Olympic Beach Park-Yes4-.29
Olympic View Rail-Yes3-1.05
Picnic Point County ParkYes-1-.43
Picnic Point North, Rail-Yes3-.61
Picnic Point South, Rail-Yes3-1.36
Port Of Everett Marina-Yes3-1.1
Port Susan Bay Preserve-Yes3-2.78
Silver Cloud Pier-Yes3-.06
Skagit Wildlife Recreation Area-Yes3-3.01
Soundview Drive Nw Road End-Yes4-.01
South Marine View Park-Yes4-.08
South Mukilteo Park-Yes3-.16
Spencer Island County County Park-Yes4-1.24
Tulalip Bay Marina-Yes4-.15
Wells Point North-Yes3-1.27
West Pass Access-Yes3-.56
Count: 39Count: 7Count: 32
State Code: WA, County: Thurston
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
4th Ave Bridge-Yes3-.18
81st St. Road End-Yes3-.01
Bayview Market Public Access-Yes4-.3
Boston Harbor Boat Ramp-Yes4-.01
Boston Harbor Marina-Yes3-.05
Burfoot County ParkYes-1-.25
Buzz's Tavern-Yes3-.11
Capitol Land Trust, South Eld Inlet-Yes3-.46
East Bay Waterfront Park-Yes3-1.03
Evergreen State College Beach-Yes3-.71
Fiddlehead Marina-Yes2-.12
Frye Cove County Park-Yes2-.66
Heritage Trail-Yes3-.33
Highway 101 Bridge, Mud Bay-Yes3-.61
Highway 101 Bridge, Oyster Bay-Yes3-.28
Hogam Bay Land Trust-Yes3-.15
Martin Marina-Yes3-.23
Mud Bay Bridge-Yes3-.03
Nisqually Habitat Management Area-Yes4-1.65
North Point Landing-Yes3-.14
Old Olympic Highway Bridge, Oyster Bay-Yes3-.05
Olympia Port Plaza and Public Dock-Yes4-.12
Percival Landing-Yes4-.05
Southeast Budd Inlet-Yes3-.86
Squaxin ParkYes-1-1.49
Steamboat Island Bridge-Yes3-.15
Swantown Marina-Yes3-.66
Thurston County Parcel (Indian Rd)-Yes3-.07
Tolmie State Park-Yes3-.7
Urquhart Street Road End-Yes3-.01
West Bay Park-Yes2-.48
Woodard Bay Natural Area-Yes4-6.05
Zittel's Marina-Yes3-.13
Count: 33Count: 2Count: 31
State Code: WA, County: Whatcom
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Birch Bay Beach & Tidelands AccessYes-1-.55
Birch Bay Near Terrell Creek-Yes2-.05
Birch Bay Public Right of Way 1-Yes3-.01
Birch Bay Public Right of Way 2-Yes3-.01
Birch Bay Public Right of Way 3-Yes3-.01
Birch Bay Public Right of Way 5-Yes3-.01
Birch Bay Public Right of Way 6-Yes3-.01
Birch Bay Public Right of Way 7-Yes3-.02
Birch Bay State Park-Yes3-1.24
Birch Point, Beach 372-Yes4-.62
Blaine Harbor And Boat Launch-Yes4-1.61
Blaine Marine Drive ParkYes-1-.53
Blaine Rd. Bridge-Yes3-.06
Boulevard Park-Yes2-1.32
Bumstead Spit South, Beach 223a-Yes4-.2
Bumstead Spit, Beach 223-Yes4-.94
Carter Point-Yes4-.92
Chuckanut Island-Yes3-.5
Cottonwood Beach County Park-Yes3-.11
Dakota Creek Shoreline Access-Yes3-.02
Devils Slide, Beach 220a-Yes4-1.43
Donald Montfort Park-Yes3-.05
Drayton Harbor-Yes3-1.38
Drayton Harbor/whatcom Land Trust-Yes3-.25
Eliza Island-Yes3-.23
Jackson Road - Birch Bay Public Right of Way 4-Yes3-.02
Larrabee State Park, Wildcat CoveYes-1-1.17
Lighthouse Marine County Park-Yes4-.68
Lily Point Marine Reserve-Yes3-.85
Little Squalicum ParkYes-1-1.13
Lummi Island County Beach Access, Beach 224-Yes4-.49
Lummi Island County Recreation Site-Yes4-2.42
Lummi Island County, Beach 220-Yes4-2.14
Lummi Island County, Beach 223b-Yes4-.18
Lummi Island, Beach 283-Yes3-.65
Lummi Rocks-Yes3-.96
Maple Beach-Yes2-.47
Monument Park-Yes4-.1
Mud Bay, Chuckanut-Yes4-.59
Padden Creek Lagoon-Yes3-.67
Point Roberts Marina And Resort-Yes3-1.18
Point Whitehorn-Yes4-1.6
Port of Bellingham Marine ParkYes-1-1.06
Ruby Street Road End-Yes3-.02
Semiahmoo County Park-Yes2-1.66
Semiahmoo Resort & Marina-Yes3-1.24
Smugglers Cove North, Beach 221a-Yes4-1.35
Smugglers Cove Point, Beach 221-Yes4-.98
South Birch Point-Yes3-.73
South Drayton Harbor-Yes3-.16
South Semiahmoo Bay-Yes3-.39
Squalicum Harbor-Yes3-2.12
Teddy Bear Cove-Yes4-1.08
Wildcat Cove Tidelands-Yes3-.18
Zuanich Park-Yes4-.53
Count: 55Count: 5Count: 50
  • 1 - 1,228 of 1,228
*CWA SEC. 406 ”(g) LIST OF WATERS.— ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Beginning not later than 18 months after the date of publication of performance criteria under subsection (a), based on information made available to the Administrator, the Administrator shall identify, and maintain a list of, discrete coastal recreation waters adjacent to beaches or similar points of access that are used by the public that— ‘‘(A) specifies any waters described in this paragraph that are subject to a monitoring and notification program consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a); and ‘‘(B) specifies any waters described in this paragraph for which there is no monitoring and notification program (including waters for which fiscal constraints will prevent the State or the Administrator from performing monitoring and notification consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a)).

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