New Jersey    
Number of BEACH Act Beaches Reported    
CountyTotal CountMonitored CountNot Monitored CountTier 4 (B)*Beach Length (Mi)
Cape May1316363554.55
Only coastal beaches are included on these lists.

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List of Beaches    
State Code: NJ, County: Atlantic
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Atlantic City at Albany AveYes-1-.07
Atlantic City at Annapolis AveYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at ArkansasYes-1-.05
Atlantic City at BartramYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at Belmont Ave-Yes3-.09
Atlantic City at CaspianYes-1-.1
Atlantic City at ChelseaYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at Connecticut AveYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at Dover AveYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at Florida Ave-Yes3-.16
Atlantic City at Indiana Ave-Yes3-.17
Atlantic City at Iowa AveYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at Jackson Ave-Yes3-.06
Atlantic City at KentuckyYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at Lincoln-Yes3-.15
Atlantic City at Maine Ave-Yes3-.08
Atlantic City at Metropolitan Ave-Yes3-.11
Atlantic City at MichiganYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at Mississippi AveYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at MissouriYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at Montgomery AveYes-1-.05
Atlantic City at Morris Ave-Yes3-.15
Atlantic City at New HampshireYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at New Jersey Ave-Yes3-.2
Atlantic City at New York AveYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at North CarolinaYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at PennsylvaniaYes-1-.11
Atlantic City at Providence Ave-Yes3-.15
Atlantic City at Raleigh-Yes3-.16
Atlantic City at Rev Dr MLK Jr BlvdYes-1-.07
Atlantic City at Rhode Island AveYes-1-.07
Atlantic City at Seaside Ave-Yes3-.11
Atlantic City at South CarolinaYes-1-.07
Atlantic City at Sovereign AveYes-1-.08
Atlantic City at StatesYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at Tallahassee Ave-Yes3-.14
Atlantic City at Tennesse Ave-Yes3-.16
Atlantic City at TexasYes-1-.06
Atlantic City at Virginia AveYes-1-.13
Brigantine City at 10th St NorthYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at 12th St South-Yes3-.41
Brigantine City at 13th St North-Yes3-3.44
Brigantine City at 16th St SouthYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at 21st St South-Yes3-.41
Brigantine City at 26th StYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at 26th St SouthYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at 30th St South-Yes3-.29
Brigantine City at 33rd St SouthYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at 38th St South-Yes3-.39
Brigantine City at 3rd St South-Yes3-.49
Brigantine City at 43rd St SouthYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at 5th St NorthYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at 7th St North-Yes3-.21
Brigantine City at 7th St SouthYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at Bramble DriveYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at Club Dr-Yes3-.38
Brigantine City at Sandy LnYes-1-.06
Brigantine City at South Jetty-Yes3-.23
Brigantine City at Surfside Rd-Yes3-.48
Brigantine City at The Cove in BrigantineYes-1-.05
Longport Borough at 13th AveYes-1-.06
Longport Borough at 16th Ave-Yes3-.28
Longport Borough at 19th StYes-1-.06
Longport Borough at 22nd Ave-Yes3-.32
Longport Borough at 26th AveYes-1-.06
Longport Borough at 30th Ave-Yes3-.38
Longport Borough at 33rd StYes-1-.06
Longport Borough at West 11th St-Yes3-.08
Margate City at Andover Ave-Yes3-.21
Margate City at Clermont AveYes-1-.06
Margate City at Franklin Ave-Yes3-.18
Margate City at Gladstone AveYes-1-.06
Margate City at Hanover Ave-Yes3-.39
Margate City at Madison Ave-Yes3-.41
Margate City at OsborneYes-1-.06
Margate City at Union Ave-Yes3-.43
Margate City at WashingtonYes-1-.06
Somers Point City at New Jersey AveYes-1-.06
Ventnor City at Austin AveYes-1-.06
Ventnor City at Baton Rouge-Yes3-.07
Ventnor City at Cambridge Ave-Yes3-.38
Ventnor City at DorsetYes-1-.06
Ventnor City at New HavenYes-1-.06
Ventnor City at Rosborough Ave-Yes3-.41
Ventnor City at Surrey Ave-Yes3-.5
Ventnor City at WashingtonYes-1-.06
Count: 86Count: 49Count: 37
State Code: NJ, County: Cape May
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Avalon Borough at 12th St-Yes3-.32
Avalon Borough at 15th StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 18th St-Yes3-.24
Avalon Borough at 21st StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 27th St-Yes3-.45
Avalon Borough at 30th StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 33rd St-Yes3-.52
Avalon Borough at 40th StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 43rd St-Yes3-.41
Avalon Borough at 50th StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 54th St-Yes3-.34
Avalon Borough at 57th StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 62nd St-Yes3-.35
Avalon Borough at 65th StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 73rd St-Yes3-.56
Avalon Borough at 76th StYes-1-.06
Avalon Borough at 80th St-Yes3-.28
Avalon Borough at 9th StYes-1-.06
Avalong Borough at 57th St (Bay)Yes-1-.02
Cape May City at 2ndYes-1-.06
Cape May City at BroadwayYes-1-.06
Cape May City at BrooklynYes-1-.07
Cape May City at CongressYes-1-.06
Cape May City at Decatur St-Yes3-.19
Cape May City at GrantYes-1-.06
Cape May City at Jefferson St-Yes3-.34
Cape May City at Madison Ave-Yes3-.27
Cape May City at Ocean AveYes-1-.06
Cape May City at Patterson Ave-Yes3-.2
Cape May City at PhiladelphiaYes-1-.06
Cape May City at Pittsburg Ave-Yes3-.54
Cape May City at Queen NorthYes-1-.06
Cape May City at South Beach Ave-Yes3-.05
Cape May City at Windsor Ave-Yes3-.16
Cape May City at Yale Ave-Yes3-1.48
Cape May Point Borough at BrainardYes-1-.06
Cape May Point Borough at Cape Ave-Yes3-.41
Cape May Point Borough at Coral Ave-Yes3-.15
Cape May Point Borough at Lehigh Ave-Yes3-1.71
Cape May Point Borough at OceanYes-1-.06
Cape May Point Borough at WhildinYes-1-.06
Cape May Point at Knox Ave-Yes3-.18
Lower Township at Parking Lot-Yes3-1.47
Lower Township at Richmond AveYes-1-.06
Lower Twp at Sunset Beach-Yes4-1.85
Lower Twp at Villas-Yes4-5.3
Middle Twp at Dennis WMA-Yes4-2.9
Middle Twp at Norburys Landing-Yes4-1.89
Middle Twp at Reeds-Yes4-5.36
North Wildwood City at 10th and JFKYes-1-.06
North Wildwood City at 15th Ave-Yes3-.35
North Wildwood City at 18th AveYes-1-.06
North Wildwood City at 1st Ave-Yes3-.49
North Wildwood City at 21st Ave-Yes3-.29
North Wildwood City at 24th StYes-1-.06
North Wildwood City at 2nd and JFKYes-1-.06
North Wildwood City at 7th Ave-Yes3-.45
Ocean City at 12th St-Yes3-.75
Ocean City at 16th StYes-1-.06
Ocean City at 19th St-Yes3-.86
Ocean City at 24th StYes-1-.06
Ocean City at 26th St-Yes3-.34
Ocean City at 28th StYes-1-.06
Ocean City at 31st St-Yes3-.59
Ocean City at 34th StYes-1-.06
Ocean City at 42nd St-Yes3-1.47
Ocean City at 48th StYes-1-.06
Ocean City at 51st St-Yes3-.68
Ocean City at 55th StYes-1-.06
Ocean City at 7th St-Yes3-.51
Ocean City at 9th StYes-1-.06
Ocean City at Atlantic-Yes3-.43
Ocean City at Corson's Inlet-Yes3-1.75
Ocean City at NorthYes-1-.06
Ocean City at ParkYes-1-.06
Ocean City at St. Charles-Yes3-.43
Ocean City at SurfYes-1-.06
Ocean City at Waverly Blvd-Yes3-.85
Sea Isle City at 29th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 31st St-Yes3-.21
Sea Isle City at 34th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 37th St-Yes3-.26
Sea Isle City at 40th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 43rd St-Yes3-.45
Sea Isle City at 49th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 52nd St-Yes3-.49
Sea Isle City at 59th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 62nd St-Yes3-.26
Sea Isle City at 65th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 71st St-Yes3-.51
Sea Isle City at 77th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 82nd St-Yes3-.36
Sea Isle City at 85th StYes-1-.06
Sea Isle City at 91st St-Yes3-.74
Stone Harbor Borough at 103rd StYes-1-.06
Stone Harbor Borough at 106th St-Yes3-.2
Stone Harbor Borough at 108th StYes-1-.06
Stone Harbor Borough at 113th St-Yes3-.55
Stone Harbor Borough at 119th StYes-1-.06
Stone Harbor Borough at 83rd StYes-1-.06
Stone Harbor Borough at 87th St-Yes3-.36
Stone Harbor Borough at 90th StYes-1-.06
Stone Harbor Borough at 93rd St-Yes3-.21
Stone Harbor Borough at 96th StYes-1-.06
Stone Harbor Borough at 99th St-Yes3-.32
Stone Harbor Borough at South 2nd Ave-Yes3-1.66
Upper Township at Beesley's Point BeachYes-1-.07
Upper Township at Seacliff-Yes3-.64
Upper Township at Taylor Ave-Yes3-2.82
Upper Township at WebsterYes-1-.07
Upper Township at WilliardYes-1-.07
Wildwood City at BennettYes-1-.06
Wildwood City at Maple AveYes-1-.06
Wildwood City at MontgomeryYes-1-.06
Wildwood City at Oak Ave-Yes3-.21
Wildwood City at Poplar Ave-Yes3-.21
Wildwood City at Rio Grande Ave-Yes3-.34
Wildwood City at SchellengerYes-1-.06
Wildwood City at Youngs Ave-Yes3-.35
Wildwood Crest Borough at Denver Ave-Yes3-.26
Wildwood Crest Borough at Farragut Rd-Yes3-.26
Wildwood Crest Borough at ForgetmenotYes-1-.06
Wildwood Crest Borough at HollywoodYes-1-.06
Wildwood Crest Borough at JeffersonYes-1-.06
Wildwood Crest Borough at LavendarYes-1-.06
Wildwood Crest Borough at MiamiYes-1-.06
Wildwood Crest Borough at Morning Glory-Yes3-.19
Wildwood Crest Borough at Myrtle Rd-Yes3-.28
Wildwood Crest Borough at OrchidYes-1-.06
Wildwood Crest Borough at St Louis-Yes3-.26
Wildwood Crest Borough at Sweetbriar-Yes3-.38
Count: 131Count: 63Count: 68
State Code: NJ, County: Cumberland
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Downe Twp at Beadon Point-Yes4-2.33
Downe Twp at Dyres-Yes4-.4
Downe Twp at Fortescue-Yes4-1.75
Downe Twp at Gandys-Yes4-3.55
Downe Twp at Lucky E-Yes4-2.6
Downe Twp at Mildreds-Yes4-1.02
Downe Twp at Raybins-Yes4-.32
Fairfield Twp at Jackson-Yes4-.29
Fairfield Twp at Parish-Yes4-.29
Fairfield Twp at ROC-Yes4-.2
Fairfield Twp at Sea Breeze-Yes4-1.28
Fairfield Twp at Secret-Yes4-.27
Greenwich Twp at Bayside-Yes4-.64
Lawrence Twp at Bay Point-Yes4-.85
Maurice River Twp at Moores Beach-Yes4-1.86
Maurice River at E Point-Yes4-1.86
Maurice River at Thompson Beach-Yes4-1.07
Count: 17Count: 0Count: 17
State Code: NJ, County: Middlesex
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Old Bridge Twp at Laurence Harbor-Yes4-.97
Old Bridge Twp at Split Beach-Yes4-.9
Sayerville Boro at Amores-Yes4-.92
South Amboy City at Single Beach-Yes4-.32
Count: 4Count: 0Count: 4
State Code: NJ, County: Monmouth
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Aberdeen Twp at Cliffwood-Yes4-1.65
Allenhurst Borough at Allen Ave-Yes3-.27
Allenhurst Borough at CedarYes-1-.06
Asbury Park City at 1st AveYes-1-.06
Asbury Park City at 2nd Ave-Yes3-.16
Asbury Park City at 3rdYes-1-.06
Asbury Park City at 7th AveYes-1-.06
Asbury Park City at Asbury Ave South-Yes3-.12
Asbury Park City at Deal Lake Dr-Yes3-.39
Asbury Park City at Sunset Ave-Yes3-.41
Atlantic HIghlands Boro at Full Moon-Yes4-.24
Atlantic Highlands Boro at Cat Club-Yes4-.1
Atlantic Highlands Boro at Hudson-Yes4-.22
Atlantic Highlands Boro at Terminal-Yes4-.17
Avon-by-the-Sea Borough at Garfield Ave-Yes3-.15
Avon-by-the-Sea Borough at L Jetty Washington AveYes-1-.09
Avon-by-the-Sea Borough at SylvaniaYes-1-.06
Avon-by-the-Sea Borough at Woodland Ave-Yes3-.26
Belmar Borough at 12th AveYes-1-.06
Belmar Borough at 17th Avenue-Yes3-.4
Belmar Borough at 20thYes-1-.06
Belmar Borough at 2nd Avenue-Yes3-.34
Belmar Borough at 5th AveYes-1-.06
Belmar Borough at 8th Ave-Yes3-.45
Bradley Beach Borough at 5th Ave-Yes3-.52
Bradley Beach Borough at Cliff_Kent Ave-Yes3-.31
Bradley Beach Borough at EvergreenYes-1-.06
Bradley Beach Borough at Ocean ParkYes-1-.06
Deal Borough at Darlington Rd-Yes3-.77
Deal Borough at Deal CasinoYes-1-.07
Deal Borough at Hathaway Avenue BeachYes-1-.09
Deal Borough at Jerome Ave-Yes3-.24
Deal Borough at Ocean Ln-Yes3-.29
Deal Borough at Philips AveYes-1-.06
Deal Borough at Roosevelt AveYes-1-.06
Deal Borough at Sydney Ave-Yes3-.31
Highlands Boro at Ni Ahi-Yes4-.4
Highlands Boro at Plum-Yes4-.23
Highlands Boro at Veterans-Yes4-.09
Highlands Borough at Highlands Rec CenterYes-1-.06
Highlands Borough at Miller BeachYes-1-.06
Keansburg Boro at Comfort-Yes4-2.17
Keyport Boro at Beach Park-Yes4-.04
Keyport Boro at Cedar Street-Yes4-.26
Keyport Boro at Phoenix-Yes4-.25
Loch Arbour Village at Village Beach ClubYes-1-.06
Long Branch City at Adams St-Yes3-.54
Long Branch City at Atlantic AveYes-1-.06
Long Branch City at Avenel-Yes3-.34
Long Branch City at Breakwater Beach Club-Yes3-.63
Long Branch City at Cooper Ave-Yes3-.7
Long Branch City at Elberon Bch ClbYes-1-.07
Long Branch City at Imperial HouseYes-1-.06
Long Branch City at JolineYes-1-.06
Long Branch City at LairdYes-1-.06
Long Branch City at Morris Ave-Yes3-.62
Long Branch City at North BathYes-1-.06
Long Branch City at North Bath South-Yes3-.17
Long Branch City at Ocean Beach ClubYes-1-.04
Long Branch City at South BathYes-1-.06
Long Branch City at West End Ave-Yes3-.97
Manasquan Borough at East MainYes-1-.06
Manasquan Borough at Inlet Surfing Beach Riverside Dr.Yes-1-.07
Manasquan Borough at Pompano-Yes3-.49
Middletown Township at Area E Visitor Centor SouthYes-1-.05
Middletown Township at Army Rec. Beach NorthYes-1-.08
Middletown Township at Army Rec. Beach South-Yes3-.61
Middletown Township at C BeachYes-1-.06
Middletown Township at Conover-Yes4-.37
Middletown Township at Fort Hancock-Yes3-2.52
Middletown Township at Gateway Rec-Yes3-1.37
Middletown Township at Golden-Yes4-1.14
Middletown Township at GunnisonYes-1-.06
Middletown Township at Horseshoe Cove South-Yes4-10.99
Middletown Township at Ideal-Yes3-.05
Middletown Township at La Playa-Yes4-.25
Middletown Township at Leo-Yes4-1.39
Middletown Township at Pinguino-Yes4-.45
Middletown Township at South Beach Area D-Yes3-.51
Middletown Township at Wagner-Yes4-.11
Monmouth Beach Borough at 35 Ocean Ave-Yes3-.52
Monmouth Beach Borough at Atlantic Ave North-Yes3-.28
Monmouth Beach Borough at Pavilion BeachYes-1-.06
Neptune Township at BroadwayYes-1-.06
Neptune Township at Heck Ave-Yes3-.13
Neptune Township at MainYes-1-.06
Neptune Township at Ocean Pathway-Yes3-.24
Neptune Township at Spray Ave.Yes-1-.06
Sea Bright Borough at Island View N-Yes3-2.07
Sea Bright Borough at Mountainview-Yes3-3.55
Sea Bright Borough at Peninsula Ave-Yes3-.26
Sea Bright Borough at Public BeachYes-1-.06
Sea Bright Borough at Rumson RdYes-1-.07
Sea Girt Borough at BaltimoreYes-1-.07
Sea Girt Borough at Beacon BlvdYes-1-.07
Sea Girt Borough at Chicago Blvd-Yes3-.17
Sea Girt Borough at Neptune PlYes-1-.06
Sea Girt Borough at New York BlvdYes-1-.07
Sea Girt Borough at North Trenton Ave-Yes3-.48
Sea Girt Borough at South Sea Girt Ave-Yes3-.91
Sea Girt Borough at The TerraceYes-1-.11
Spring Lake Borough at Brighton Beach-Yes3-.49
Spring Lake Borough at Brown Ave SYes-1-.08
Spring Lake Borough at Essex AveYes-1-.06
Spring Lake Borough at Near Surfers Beach Remsen-Yes3-.51
Spring Lake Borough at Salem Ave-Yes3-.29
Spring Lake Borough at Union AveYes-1-.07
Spring Lake Borough at Warren Ave-Yes3-.47
Spring Lake Borough at WashingtonYes-1-.06
Spring Lake Borough at WorthingtonYes-1-.06
Spring Lake Borough at York AveYes-1-.08
Union Beach Boro at Conaskonk-Yes4-1.84
Union Beach Boro at Rose Lane-Yes4-.89
Count: 113Count: 49Count: 64
State Code: NJ, County: Ocean
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Barnegat Light Borough at 10thYes-1-.06
Barnegat Light Borough at 13th St-Yes3-.84
Barnegat Light Borough at 24th StYes-1-.06
Barnegat Light Borough at 25th St Bay FrontYes-1-.06
Barnegat Light Borough at 29th St-Yes3-1.84
Barnegat Light Borough at 6th St-Yes3-.46
Barnegat Township at Bay Beach-Yes4-.06
Bay Head Borough Egbert St-Yes3-.14
Bay Head Borough at Bridge AveYes-1-.06
Bay Head Borough at Chadwick St-Yes3-.5
Bay Head Borough at East Ave-Yes3-.63
Bay Head Borough at Harris St-Yes3-.44
Bay Head Borough at JohnsonYes-1-.06
Bay Head Borough at Strickland-Yes3-.06
Beach Haven Borough at Chatsworth-Yes3-1.64
Beach Haven Borough at Leeward StYes-1-.06
Beach Haven Borough at Taylor Ocean FrontYes-1-.06
Berkeley Township at 10th Ln-Yes3-.48
Berkeley Township at 23rd AveYes-1-.06
Berkeley Township at Amhirst Dr.Yes-1-.03
Berkeley Township at Berkeley Island-Yes4-.01
Berkeley Township at IBSP 1Yes-1-.06
Berkeley Township at IBSP 2Yes-1-.06
Berkeley Township at North IBSP 2 III-Yes3-.24
Berkeley Township at Northend IBSP-Yes3-3.61
Berkeley Township at Southend IBSP-Yes3-5.96
Brick Township at 7th AveYes-1-.06
Brick Township at Bowline Ave-Yes3-1.7
Brick Township at Brick BeachYes-1-.06
Brick Township at Kupper Dr-Yes3-.45
Harvey Cedars Borough at 75th Bay FrontYes-1-.07
Harvey Cedars Borough at 75th Ocean FrontYes-1-.06
Harvey Cedars Borough at BergenYes-1-.06
Harvey Cedars Borough at Burlington Ave-Yes3-1.33
Lavallette Borough at BrooklynYes-1-.06
Lavallette Borough at Brooklyn AveYes-1-.06
Lavallette Borough at Bryn MawrYes-1-.06
Lavallette Borough at GuyerYes-1-.06
Lavallette Borough at Jersey City AveYes-1-.06
Lavallette Borough at Pennslyvania-Yes3-.25
Lavallette Borough at Philadelphia-Yes3-.42
Lavallette Borough at Princeton Ave-Yes3-.14
Lavallette Borough at Trenton AveYes-1-.06
Lavallette Borough at White Ave-Yes3-.33
Long Beach Township at 107th St-Yes3-2.4
Long Beach Township at 49th St-Yes3-2.36
Long Beach Township at Atlantic Ave-Yes3-1.38
Long Beach Township at Barbay-Yes3-1.44
Long Beach Township at Forsythe 1-Yes3-4.14
Long Beach Township at JoanYes-1-.06
Long Beach Township at Loveladies LnYes-1-.06
Long Beach Township at Magnolia Ave-Yes3-1.02
Long Beach Township at New Jersey-Yes4-.06
Long Beach Township at New Jersey AveYes-1-.06
Long Beach Township at Seashell Ln-Yes3-1.21
Long Beach Township at StocktonYes-1-.07
Long Beach Township at Stockton AveYes-1-.06
Mantoloking Borough at LymanYes-1-.06
Mantoloking Borough at N Ocean Ave.-Yes3-1.16
Mantoloking Borough at PrincetonYes-1-.06
Ocean Gate Borough at AngleseaYes-1-.06
Ocean Gate Borough at WildwoodYes-1-.06
Point Pleasant Beach Borough at BroadwayYes-1-.06
Point Pleasant Beach Borough at Brunswick Pl-Yes3-.46
Point Pleasant Beach Borough at CentralYes-1-.06
Point Pleasant Beach Borough at Harborhead Dr-Yes3-.03
Point Pleasant Beach Borough at MarylandYes-1-.06
Point Pleasant Beach Borough at Washington Ave-Yes3-1.12
Seaside Heights Borough at Blaine Ave-Yes3-.51
Seaside Heights Borough at Cateret Ave-Yes3-.39
Seaside Heights Borough at HancockYes-1-.06
Seaside Heights Borough at Lincoln AveYes-1-.06
Seaside Heights Borough at SheridanYes-1-.06
Seaside Park Borough at 12thYes-1-.06
Seaside Park Borough at 5th Ave-Yes3-.65
Seaside Park Borough at 5th Ave Bay FrontYes-1-.06
Seaside Park Borough at BrightonYes-1-.06
Seaside Park Borough at G St-Yes3-.58
Seaside Park Borough at O StYes-1-.06
Seaside Park Borough at Stockton Ave-Yes3-.34
Ship Bottom Borough at 14th St Bay FrontYes-1-.06
Ship Bottom Borough at 14th St Ocean FrontYes-1-.06
Ship Bottom Borough at South 3rd StYes-1-.06
Ship Bottom Borough at South 3rd St III-Yes3-.49
Stafford Township at JenniferYes-1-.07
Surf City Borough at 16th St Bay FrontYes-1-.06
Surf City Borough at 16th St Ocean Front-Yes3-.59
Surf City Borough at 23rd StYes-1-.06
Surf City Borough at 6th St-Yes3-.64
Surf City Borough at North 10th StYes-1-.06
Toms River Township at 1st Ave-Yes3-.92
Toms River Township at 2nd Ave-Yes3-.23
Toms River Township at 4th AveYes-1-.06
Toms River Township at 6th Ave-Yes3-.2
Toms River Township at Catalina Dr-Yes3-.56
Toms River Township at Coolidge Ave-Yes3-.1
Toms River Township at East Tuna WayYes-1-.06
Toms River Township at FielderYes-1-.06
Toms River Township at North BeachYes-1-.06
Toms River Township at Shelter CoveYes-1-.06
Count: 100Count: 53Count: 47
State Code: NJ, County: Salem
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Elsinboro Twp at Oakwood-Yes4-1.98
Lower Alloways Creek Twp at Americas-Yes4-1.35
Lower Alloways Creek Twp at Shipwreck-Yes4-.39
Count: 3Count: 0Count: 3
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*CWA SEC. 406 ”(g) LIST OF WATERS.— ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Beginning not later than 18 months after the date of publication of performance criteria under subsection (a), based on information made available to the Administrator, the Administrator shall identify, and maintain a list of, discrete coastal recreation waters adjacent to beaches or similar points of access that are used by the public that— ‘‘(A) specifies any waters described in this paragraph that are subject to a monitoring and notification program consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a); and ‘‘(B) specifies any waters described in this paragraph for which there is no monitoring and notification program (including waters for which fiscal constraints will prevent the State or the Administrator from performing monitoring and notification consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a)).

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