North Carolina    
Number of BEACH Act Beaches Reported    
CountyTotal CountMonitored CountNot Monitored CountTier 4 (B)*Beach Length (Mi)
New Hanover25250036.71
Only coastal beaches are included on these lists.

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List of Beaches    
State Code: NC, County: Beaufort
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
E Shore of Blounts Bay- Pamlico RiverYes-2-.56
Pamlico River- City ParkYes-2-.24
Pamlico River- Junction of Upper Goose Creek and Dinah's LanYes-2-1.31
Pamlico River- Maul's PointYes-2-.11
Pamlico River- Ragged Point Swim AreaYes-1-.46
Pamlico River- Tripp Point Recrational AreaYes-2-.17
Pamlico River- Washington- Railroad TrestleYes-2-.56
SE of Austin Pt- Pamlico RiverYes-2-.12
Sound access at the intersection of E. Main St. and Tooley SYes-1-.04
W of Hills Point- Pamlico RiverYes-2-.21
Count: 10Count: 10Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Brunswick
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
10th Place West in Oak IslandYes-1-.75
20th Place West in Oak IslandYes-1-.76
29th Place East in Oak IslandYes-1-.69
48th PL West, Oak IslandYes-1-.51
57th PL West, Oak IslandYes-1-.75
Beach Access near Capt. Jack's on Holden BeachYes-1-2.08
Beach access between Bald Head Harbor entrance & Bald Head CYes-1-1.54
Cape Fear River, beach area adjacent to Southport MunicipalYes-2-.17
Caswell Beach Public Access off Caswell Beach Rd.Yes-1-1.42
East Beach area- Beach access #42Yes-1-6.44
East end (HB)Yes-1-1.49
Ferry Road Public AccessYes-1-1.49
Greensboro St. emergency vehicle accessYes-1-3.41
Holden Beach - Public Access at Dolphin StreetYes-1-1.36
ICWW, near marker #67, Sailfish Street (HB)Yes-2-.08
ICWW, soundside access at E. end of Ocean Isle Bch.Yes-2-.29
Last access near 69th PL West, Oak IslandYes-1-1.18
Lighthouse Park, Caswell Beach Rd., Caswell BeachYes-1-3.22
Middleton Public Access - Oak IslandYes-1-.91
Ocean Pier at Causeway and First St.Yes-1-1.12
Ocean pier at Main St. and Sunset Blvd.Yes-1-.86
Ocean pier at Ocean Blvd. and Durham St.Yes-1-2.05
Ocean pier between 14th and 15th Place East and Beach Dr.Yes-1-1.22
Public Access at 30th Place West and Beach Dr.Yes-1-3.43
Public Access at 40th and Main St.Yes-1-2.28
Public Access at Dawson Street - Ocean Isle BeachYes-1-.95
Public Access at Driftwood Street - Ocean Isle BeachYes-1-.88
Public Access at First and Chadbourn St.Yes-1-.96
Public Access at Ocean Dr. and Keziah St.Yes-1-1.65
Public Access at southeast 46th St. and E. Beach Drive - OakYes-1-1.03
Public Access at southeast 58th St. and E. Beach Drive - OakYes-1-1.09
Public Access just west of Mile Marker #1 in Holden BeachYes-1-1.16
Public Access, east end of Sunset BeachYes-1-1.5
Public Beach Access at Newport Street in Ocean Isle BeachYes-1-1.14
Public access at Shallotte Blvd., Ocean Isle BeachYes-1-1.16
Public access at Starfish Drive, Holden BeachYes-1-0
South Beach area- Beach access # 17Yes-1-2.28
Southeast 74th Street, Oak IslandYes-1-.68
Count: 38Count: 38Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Carteret
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
1/2 mile W of Mile Marker 10, oceansideYes-1-2.21
100 yds. NE Gallant's Channel Bridge by shoreYes-2-.1
400 yds SE of Bean Island off Core BanksYes-2-.13
AO- Public Beach Access, Inlet Rd., West side junction of CoYes-1-1.29
Bogue Inlet mouth of Coast Guard ChannelYes-2-1.45
Bogue Sound- Boat Landing Tourist CenterYes-2-.23
Bogue Sound- Canal leading to Moonlite BayYes-2-.65
Bogue Sound- E side of Mouth of Gales CreekYes-2-.26
Bogue Sound- Goose Creek, off campgroundYes-2-.16
Bogue Sound- W Salter Path, ~200 yds off of Wam Squam LnYes-2-2.99
Brown's Island public beach in Core Sound near Harkers IslanYes-2-.48
CCC- Aquatic Education LocationYes-2-.48
Cedar Island - Beach Area SE of Wildlife Ramp adjacent to FeYes-2-.63
Cedar Island- beach west of ferry landing off Sound View DrYes-2-.51
Core Sd.- Shell Point off Harkers IslandYes-2-.44
Emerald Woods sound-side public access near Burden ChannelYes-2-1.38
FORT MACON beach access at BathhouseYes-1-5
Harker's Island bridge at swimming areaYes-2-.17
Indian Beach - Public Access at Mile Marker #12Yes-1-1.48
Knob Island- N sideYes-2-2.78
Lennoxville Boat RampYes-2-1.23
Mile Marker 15, oceansideYes-1-4.46
Mile Marker 7 1/2, oceansideYes-1-1.8
Mile Post 19 1/2, oceansideYes-1-2.89
Mile Post 4 1/2, oceanside of Pelican Dr.Yes-1-1.62
Morehead City - Drain pipe at 16th St.Yes-1-.03
Newport River- Public access NW of BridgeYes-2-.11
North River- at Hwy 70 bridgeYes-2-.4
North side mouth of Town Creek in BeaufortYes-1-.08
Ocean end of Henderson Blvd., AOYes-1-.78
Ocean end of New Bern St., AOYes-1-.73
Ocean-side beach approximately 2 miles north of Cape Point aYes-1-3.2
PKS Aquarium Sound-side accessYes-2-.61
Pine Knoll Shores - just east of Mile Marker 8 1/2 - Hwy 58Yes-1-1.06
Public Access Near Fawn Drive in Emerald IsleYes-1-1.16
Public Access at Sunset DriveYes-1-.12
Public Beach access at Memorial Park in PKS at 203A Salter PYes-1-1.18
Public Sound-side Access at the end of Bogue Sound Drive inYes-2-.05
Public beach access adjacent to The IslanderYes-1-.77
Public beach access off Atlantic Boulevard in Atlantic BeachYes-1-2.57
Radio Island Public Beach AccessYes-1-.54
Shackelford Banks- by restroomsYes-2-1.55
Shackelford Banks- nun bouy #2Yes-2-1.09
Ski Beach off the ICW adjacent to the Bogue Inlet Channel inYes-2-.31
Sound-side park public access in Capen Carteret at Manatee SYes-2-1.34
Spoil Island just west of Atlantic Beach high rise bridge inYes-2-1.12
Spoils Island off Salty ShoresYes-2-.57
Swimming area 100 yards south of Park Service Dock near BardYes-1-.73
Taylor's Creek at post office dockYes-2-1.22
W side of mouth of South RiverYes-2-.37
West end of Sugarloaf Island, Morehead CityYes-2-.88
Western tip of Bird Shoals on Rachel Carson ReserveYes-2-1.33
Wildlife Boat Ramp in EI at the south-side mouth of Archer CYes-2-2.12
Count: 56Count: 56Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Craven
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
East of Pine Cliff SR 167,near HavelockYes-2-.12
Hancock Creek- just south of mouth of Cahooque CreekYes-2-.15
Mouth of Slocum Creek, north side beachYes-2-.16
Neuse River- 200 yds. N of mouth of North West CreekYes-2-.96
Neuse River- Flanner's BeachYes-2-.77
Neuse River- Pine Cliff Recreation AreaYes-2-.59
Neuse River- Union PointYes-2-.21
Count: 7Count: 7Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Currituck
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
AO- 2.8 miles N of Corolla RampYes-1-9.43
Corolla Ramp, end of paved roadYes-1-2.11
Corolla, Albacore St. Beach AccessYes-1-3.5
Currituck S Beach Access at Pine IslandYes-1-4.81
Ocean-side of Corolla Village Road near the lighthouse in CoYes-1-2.41
Count: 5Count: 5Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Dare
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
1/4 Miles E of EMS Station along the Cape Hatteras NationalYes-1-2.72
100ft North of Jennette's PierYes-1-6.34
Bath House at Ocean Bay BlvdYes-1-.04
Bath House on SR 1206 Kitty HawkYes-1-2.98
Beach Access 1 1/2 Mile N of Kitty Hawk PierYes-1-3
Beach Access S of Refuge offices- Pea Island along the CapeYes-1-4.73
Beach Access at Conch Street / Drain PipeYes-1-.21
Beach Access at Sportsman Dr.Yes-1-1.25
Beach Access at Sprigtail Dr.Yes-1-4.86
Buxton at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse along the Cape Hatteras NYes-1-5.89
Colington Harbour Swimming BeachYes-1-.07
Drain Pipe at Curlew StreetYes-1-.79
Drain Pipe at Lake Dr Beach AccessYes-1-.64
Drain Pipe at Martin StreetYes-1-.49
Drain Pipe at Mile Marker 8 3/4Yes-1-.32
Drain Pipe at Mile Post 10.5Yes-1-.39
Drain Pipe at Mile Post 12.5Yes-1-1.11
Drain Pipe at Oregon StYes-1-.16
Drain Pipe at S Nags Head/Federal Park BorderYes-1-4.11
Frisco Bath House along the Cape Hatteras National SeashoreYes-1-2.94
Frisco Federal Campground along the Cape Hatteras National SYes-1-4.63
Hatteras Village Ramp #55 access along the Cape Hatteras NatYes-1-4.25
Hillcrest Dr. AccessYes-1-2.74
Jockey's Ridge Soundside AccessYes-1-.23
KDH - Beach Access at Prospect Ave.Yes-1-1.52
Nags Head Bath House at Mile Post 15Yes-1-1.89
Ocean Ramp #30 along the Cape Hatteras National SeashoreYes-1-5.41
Oregon Inlet Federal CampgroundYes-1-4.76
Pea Island northernmost beach access along the Cape HatterasYes-1-4.46
Public beach access 200 yards NW of mile marker 12.5Yes-1-.16
Public beach access 380 yards SE of Conch St.Yes-1-.18
Public beach access at E. Abalone StreetYes-1-.28
Public beach access at E. Blackman StreetYes-1-.37
Public beach access just S. of E. Hollowell StreetYes-1-.2
Ramp #23 and access along the Cape Hatteras National SeashorYes-1-5.09
Ramp #34 and access along the Cape Hatteras National SeashorYes-1-4.08
Ramp #38 and access along the Cape Hatteras National SeashorYes-1-4.34
S-turns' just N of Rodanthe along the Cape Hatteras NationalYes-1-3.3
Sound access across from Ramp #23 along the Cape Hatteras NaYes-2-.16
Count: 40Count: 40Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Hyde
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
AO- 5 miles SW of Ocracoke State FerryYes-1-4.5
Beach Access by Airport RampYes-1-5
Federal Campground- OcracokeYes-1-3.83
Ocracoke Island, Lifeguard BeachYes-1-.38
Ocracoke- 1st public access SW of State FerryYes-1-4.7
Count: 5Count: 5Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: New Hanover
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Area behind the northern end of Masonboro IslandYes-2-.5
Banks Channel - Waynick Blvd. - Between Taylor and Bellamy SYes-1-.36
Banks Channel - Waynick Blvd. approx. 150 yds N of Iula St.Yes-1-.73
Banks Channel - Waynick Blvd. between Snyder and Seashore StYes-1-.52
Banks Channel, swimming beach south of Coast Guard StationYes-1-.25
Beach Access at Periwinkle Lane in Carolina BeachYes-1-2.27
Cama Access, corner of Waynick & Sunset Blvd. - WrightsvilleYes-1-.24
Cape Fear River, junction of Snow's Cut and Cape Fear RiverYes-2-.49
Carolina Beach - Public Beach Access at Hamlet Ave.Yes-1-3.22
Fort Fisher Beach State Park access off Loggerhead Rd.Yes-1-5.11
L-shaped parking lot, Wrightsville BeachYes-1-.53
N. end of Wrightsville Beach at Public Access #2 off LuminaYes-1-6.96
Ocean Pier at K. Ave.Yes-1-1.79
Ocean pier at Nathan St. and S. Lumina Dr.Yes-1-6.25
Ocean pier at Salisbury St. Public AccessYes-1-1.03
Palm Tree IslandYes-2-.13
Public Access Ave. F in Kure BeachYes-1-.57
Public Access at Ave. H in Kure BeachYes-1-.24
Public Access at the Hanby Beach Storm DrainYes-1-1.33
Public Beach Access at Dolphin Court, Kure BeachYes-1-.97
Public Beach on Masonboro Sd. - end of Florida Ave. in CarolYes-2-.03
South end of Masonboro Island, Carolina Beach InletYes-2-.42
Stone Street Public Access - Ocean side Wrightsville BeachYes-1-.69
Vehicle Access, 600 yds. N. Carolina Beach Pier at Dune MarkYes-1-1.89
Whiskey Creek Beach, ICWYes-2-.18
Count: 25Count: 25Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Onslow
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
AO- ~1 mile S of Bogue InletYes-1-5
Acc. NTB 41 between Ship Watch & St. RegisYes-1-2.54
Acc. NTB Sea Dunes S. of Villa CaprianiYes-1-.79
Bch Access at Myrtle Drive mile marker 14Yes-1-1.56
Bear Inlet access West end of Bear IslandYes-2-2.23
First Beach Access on right off New River Inlet Rd on NorthYes-1-2.14
N. Topsail Bridge - Wildlife RampYes-2-.26
Public Access at Mile Marker #19 off New River Inlet Rd on NYes-1-4.73
Regional Public Access at Mile Marker 12 on New River InletYes-1-4.6
Regional Public Access at Mile Marker 17 on New River InletYes-1-.78
Shellrock Landing Wildlife Ramp in HubertYes-2-.09
Sound side Bear IslandYes-2-.03
Stump Sound just east of Dixon PointYes-2-.22
Wards Shore Public Access off South Waters St. - SwansboroYes-2-.06
Count: 14Count: 14Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Pamlico
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Dawson Crk., 500 yds N of bridgeYes-2-.18
Just E of Wilkinson PtYes-2-.55
Just E of the Mouth of Beard CkYes-2-.53
Kennals BeachYes-2-.11
Near mouth of Gatlin CrkYes-2-.87
Neuse River- end of state Rd 1310Yes-2-.39
Public Beach S side of Dawson Crk BridgeYes-2-.09
Public access at John Bond Town Beach in OrientalYes-2-.02
Vandemere Creek- just N of Windmill Pt.Yes-2-.05
Count: 9Count: 9Count: 0
State Code: NC, County: Pender
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bch. Access #18 off Ocean Blvd. across from Boryk Ave.Yes-1-1.74
Bch. Access #1A off N. Anderson Blvd. across from CatherineYes-1-1.53
ICW, Hwy. 210 bridge at Surf CityYes-2-.22
Public Access #O-10 at Ocean Blvd and Crews Ave.Yes-1-6.92
Public Access #S-1 at end of Shore Line Dr. (soundside statiYes-1-.08
Public Access at Broadway St. and N. Shore Dr. - Topsail BeaYes-1-1.11
Public Access at S. Shore Dr. and Kinston Ave.Yes-1-3.38
Count: 7Count: 7Count: 0
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*CWA SEC. 406 ”(g) LIST OF WATERS.— ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Beginning not later than 18 months after the date of publication of performance criteria under subsection (a), based on information made available to the Administrator, the Administrator shall identify, and maintain a list of, discrete coastal recreation waters adjacent to beaches or similar points of access that are used by the public that— ‘‘(A) specifies any waters described in this paragraph that are subject to a monitoring and notification program consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a); and ‘‘(B) specifies any waters described in this paragraph for which there is no monitoring and notification program (including waters for which fiscal constraints will prevent the State or the Administrator from performing monitoring and notification consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a)).

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