Number of BEACH Act Beaches Reported    
CountyTotal CountMonitored CountNot Monitored CountTier 4 (B)*Beach Length (Mi)
St. Louis341521720.25
Only coastal beaches are included on these lists.

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List of Beaches    
State Code: MN, County: Cook
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Butterwort Cliffs Beach-Yes4-1.33
Cascade State Park Campground Beach-Yes4-1.96
Cascade State Park West Beach-Yes4-.37
Chicago Bay Boat Launch BeachYes-2-.03
Colville Creek BeachYes-2-2.05
Croftville Beach-Yes4-1.18
Cutface Creek Wayside Rest BeachYes-2-2.08
Durfee Creek Area BeachYes-2-1.43
Grand Marais Campground BeachYes-2-.72
Grand Marais Downtown BeachYes-2-.59
Horseshoe Bay Boat Launch Beach-Yes4-.05
Judge C.R. Magney State Park East Beach-Yes4-.41
Judge C.R. Magney State Park West Beach-Yes4-.49
Kadunce Creek BeachYes-2-3.38
Old Shore Road Beach AreaYes-2-.19
Paradise BeachYes-2-1.34
Ray Berglund Wayside Rest Beach-Yes4-.25
Red Cliff Beach-Yes4-1.26
Schroeder Town Park BeachYes-2-.22
Sugarloaf Cove BeachYes-2-.7
Temperance River State Park BeachYes-2-.71
Temperance River State Park East Beach-Yes4-.81
Count: 22Count: 12Count: 10
State Code: MN, County: Lake
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Agate Bay BeachYes-2-.33
Black BeachYes-2-.62
Blueberry Hill Beach-Yes4-.34
Burlington Bay BeachYes-2-.57
Flood Bay BeachYes-2-.39
Gooseberry Falls State Park BeachYes-2-1.6
Iona's Beach-Yes4-.28
Knife River Marina BeachYes-2-.61
Manitou River Beach-Yes4-.1
Palisade Beach-Yes4-1.47
Silver Bay Marina Beach-Yes3-.17
Silver Cliff Beach-Yes4-.37
Silver Creek Beach-Yes4-.3
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park / Corundum Point Beach-Yes4-1.06
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park / Crazy Bay Beach-Yes4-1
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park / Gold Rock Point Beach-Yes4-1.54
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park / Split Rock Point Beach-Yes4-.47
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park BeachYes-2-.82
Split Rock River BeachYes-2-.56
Stewart River Beach-Yes2-.31
Tettegouche State Park / Baptism River BeachYes-2-.9
Tettegouche State Park / Crystal Bay Beach-Yes4-1.35
Tettegouche State Park Beach-Yes4-.67
Twin Points Public Access BeachYes-2-.64
Two Harbors City Park Beach-Yes4-.37
Count: 25Count: 10Count: 15
State Code: MN, County: St. Louis
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
42nd Avenue East BeachYes-2-.06
Bayfront Park Beach-Yes4-.28
Blatnik Fishing Pier Beach-Yes4-.45
Bluebird Landing BeachYes-2-.18
Boy Scout Landing BeachYes-2-.03
Brighton BeachYes-1-.76
Clyde Avenue Boat Landing Beach-Yes2-.09
French River BeachYes-2-.32
Glensheen Cemetery Beach-Yes4-.47
Indian Point Campground Beach-Yes4-.33
Lakewalk BeachYes-1-1.09
Lakewalk East / 16th Avenue East BeachYes-2-.67
Lakewalk East / 26th Avenue East Beach-Yes4-.39
Lakewood Pump Station Beach-Yes4-.77
Leif Erikson Park BeachYes-1-.54
Lester River BeachYes-2-.19
McQuade Road Safe Harbor Beach-Yes4-.4
Minnesota Point Harbor Beach-Yes4-.8
Minnesota Point Harbor Side / 15th Street BeachYes-1-.16
Morgan Park Beach-Yes4-.25
North Shore Drive Wayside Rest / 72nd Avenue East Beach-Yes4-1.24
North Shore Drive Wayside Rest / Cant Road Beach-Yes4-1.33
Park Point 20th Street / Hearding Island Canal Beach-Yes3-.05
Park Point Beach HouseYes-1-3.02
Park Point Franklin Park / 13th Street South BeachYes-1-1.11
Park Point Lafayette Community Club BeachYes-1-1.8
Park Point Sky Harbor Parking Lot BeacYes-1-1.13
Park Point Southworth Marsh Beach-Yes4-.47
Smithville Park Beach-Yes4-.2
Stony Point BeachYes-2-.36
Stony Point Wayside Rest Beach-Yes4-.07
Waterfront Trail / Interlake Beach-Yes4-.24
Waterfront Trail / Radio Towers Beach-Yes4-.23
Waterfront Trail / Riverside Beach-Yes4-.77
Count: 34Count: 15Count: 19
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*CWA SEC. 406 ”(g) LIST OF WATERS.— ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Beginning not later than 18 months after the date of publication of performance criteria under subsection (a), based on information made available to the Administrator, the Administrator shall identify, and maintain a list of, discrete coastal recreation waters adjacent to beaches or similar points of access that are used by the public that— ‘‘(A) specifies any waters described in this paragraph that are subject to a monitoring and notification program consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a); and ‘‘(B) specifies any waters described in this paragraph for which there is no monitoring and notification program (including waters for which fiscal constraints will prevent the State or the Administrator from performing monitoring and notification consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a)).

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