Number of BEACH Act Beaches Reported    
CountyTotal CountMonitored CountNot Monitored CountTier 4 (B)*Beach Length (Mi)
Grand Traverse331023010.97
Presque Isle20119019.44
St. Clair159603.46
Van Buren40401.77
Only coastal beaches are included on these lists.

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Shannon Briggsbriggss4@michigan.gov517-284-5526Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (DEGLE)Website
List of Beaches    
State Code: MI, County: Alcona
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Black River Public Access-Yes3-.26
Greenbush TownshipYes-3-.01
Harrisville Public Access-Yes3-.19
Harrisville State ParkYes-2-.03
Negwegon State Park-Yes3-2.36
Point Rd. Beach-Yes3-.57
Trask Lake Road Beach-Yes3-.01
Count: 7Count: 2Count: 5
State Code: MI, County: Alger
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Au Train Beach-Yes3-.44
Bay Furnace Recreation Area Beach-Yes3-.27
Christmas Beach-Yes3-.44
Grand Marais Harbor Beach-Yes3-.79
Grand Marais Township Beach-Yes3-1.21
Hurricane Campground Beach-Yes3-.19
Miners Beach-Yes3-1.36
Munising Beach-Yes3-.45
Public Shoreline Beach-Au Train Bay-Yes3-1.55
Public Shoreline Beach-Au Train to Five Mile Pts-Yes3-2.21
Public Shoreline Beach-East County Border area-Yes3-2.05
Public Shoreline Beach-Grand Sable Dunes-Yes3-8.95
Rathfoot Park Beach-Yes3-.76
Roadside Park-Yes3-.35
Sand Point-Yes2-1.83
Twelve-Mile Beach-Yes3-11.99
Count: 16Count: 0Count: 16
State Code: MI, County: Allegan
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Casco Township Park-Yes2-.03
Douglas Beach-Yes2-.06
Laketown Township ParkYes-2-.1
Oval BeachYes-2-.27
Pier Cove BeachYes-2-.02
Saugatuck Dunes State Park Shoreline Beach-Yes2-2.36
West Side County Park Beach-Yes2-.12
Count: 7Count: 3Count: 4
State Code: MI, County: Alpena
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bay View Park-Yes3-.25
Blair Street ParkYes-2-.04
Elcajon Bay-Yes3-1
Issineke Hardwood Point-Yes3-3.33
Michekewis Beach-Yes3-.09
Negwegon State Park-Ossineke South Point-Yes3-4.27
Ossineke Campground-Yes3-1
Ossineke State Park-Yes3-1.69
Partridge Point-Yes3-1.55
Rock Port Beach-Yes3-1.85
Starlite BeachYes-1-.28
Thompson Park-Yes2-.02
Whitefish Bay-Yes3-2.12
Count: 14Count: 2Count: 12
State Code: MI, County: Antrim
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Antrim County Day Park North-Yes3-.47
Antrim County Day Park SouthYes-3-.24
Antrim Creek Natural Area-Yes3-.93
Banks Township. ParkYes-3-.31
Barnes ParkYes-2-.26
Elk RapidsYes-2-.24
Elk Rapids Park-Yes3-.23
Erickson Road-Yes3-.25
Lore Road End Beach-Yes3-.26
Michigan Trail-Yes3-.26
Nature Preserve-Yes3-.26
North Bay Shore (Conservancy)-Yes3-.3
O'Dell Road-Yes3-.1
Petobego Pond Area-Yes3-.23
Road Crossing near Winters Road-Yes3-.26
Veterans Memorial ParkYes-2-.2
Count: 16Count: 5Count: 11
State Code: MI, County: Arenac
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
16th Street Beach-Yes2-.01
28th Street Beach-Yes2-.01
Arenac County ParkYes-2-.25
Au Sable State Forest- Greens Point-Yes3-4.21
Augres Township Park Beach-Yes3-.03
Bessinger Road BeachYes-1-.01
Booth Road Beach-Yes3-.01
Cemetery Beach-Yes2-.25
City of Au Gres Public Access-Yes3-1.7
Dime Drain-Harmon Cty Hghts Beach-Yes3-1.93
Dyer Road BeachYes-2-.01
Foster Road BeachYes-2-.01
Gordon Road Beach-Yes3-.01
Hammel Beach Road AccessYes-2-.01
Private Shoreline Beach-N. of Singing Bridge Beach-Yes3-1.29
Private Shoreline Beach-S of Singing Bridge-Yes3-.9
Pump Station-Yes3-.25
Singing Bridge BeachYes-1-.03
Terrace Road-Yes3-.01
Twining Road BeachYes-1-.01
Whites BeachYes-1-.01
Whites Beach- Isle Rd Ramp-Yes3-2.34
Count: 22Count: 8Count: 14
State Code: MI, County: Baraga
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Arvon Township Park-Yes3-.93
Baraga State Park-Yes3-.17
First Sand BeachYes-3-.85
Head of the BayYes-3-.19
Keweenaw Bay Village Public Roadside Park-Yes3-.19
L'Anse Township Park-Yes3-.06
L'Anse Waterfront ParkYes-3-.09
Mouth of the Huron River-Yes3-.47
Public Shoreline Beach-Cooper Country Huron Bay-Yes3-1.49
Public Shoreline Beach-Northwest Abbaye Peninsula-Yes3-2.69
Public Shoreline Beach-Point Abbaye-Yes3-2.26
Public Shoreline Beach-Sand Point-Yes3-3.55
Sandpoint BeachYes-3-.06
Second Sands BeachYes-3-.27
The Alligator-Yes3-.06
Zeba Boat LaunchYes-3-.06
Count: 16Count: 6Count: 10
State Code: MI, County: Bay
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bay City State Recreation AreaYes-2-1.75
Brissette Beach Township ParkYes-2-3
Nayanquing Point Wildlife AreaYes-3-5.47
Pinconning ParkYes-2-1.25
South Linwood Beach Township ParkYes-2-2
Wenona Beach-Yes2-1
Count: 6Count: 5Count: 1
State Code: MI, County: Benzie
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
County Road # 669-Yes3-.91
Elberta Village Beach & Bluffs-Yes3-.24
Esch Road/Otter Creek-Yes3-.12
Frankfort: Anchor Road BeachYes-2-.36
Platte River Point-Yes3-.27
Point Betsie Lighthouse Beach-Yes3-.25
Zettenberg Preserve-Yes3-.22
Count: 7Count: 1Count: 6
State Code: MI, County: Berrien
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Cherry BeachYes-2-.06
Galien River Park-Yes3-.16
Gordon Beach-Yes3-.07
Grand BeachYes-1-.22
Grand Mere State Park- Rosemary Beach-Yes3-.3
Grand Mere State Park- Shoreline Beach-Yes3-.79
Grand Mere State Park- Waverland Beach-Yes3-.29
Hagar Township ParkYes-2-.27
Harbert Beach-Yes3-.29
Jean Klock ParkYes-2-.28
Lincoln Township ParkYes-3-.36
Lions ParkYes-2-.26
Michiana VillageYes-2-.26
Mizpah Park-Yes3-.2
New Buffalo CityYes-2-.27
Rocky GapYes-3-.08
Silver BeachYes-2-.27
Tiscornia ParkYes-2-.27
Union Pier - Townline RoadYes-2-.06
Warren Dunes BeachYes-2-.27
Warren Dunes State Park North-Yes3-1.65
Weko BeachYes-3-.25
Count: 22Count: 14Count: 8
State Code: MI, County: Charlevoix
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bill Wagner Memorial Campground Beach-Yes3-.26
Cables Bay Beach-Yes3-.25
Depot BeachYes-3-.06
Donegal Bay-Yes3-1.51
East Jordan Tourist ParkYes-3-.08
Elm Point BeachYes-2-.08
Ferry BeachYes-3-.06
Fisherman's Island State ParkYes-2-8.57
Glenwood BeachYes-2-.17
Harbor Beach-Yes3-.06
Hayes Township ParkYes-3-.04
Iron Ore Bay Beach-Yes3-.76
Lake Michigan BeachYes-2-.15
Lower Lake Drive-Yes3-.01
Michigan AvenueYes-3-.02
Mt. McSauba Beach-Yes3-.37
Norwood Township ParkYes-3-.08
Peninsula Beach-Yes3-.06
Tannery Park-Yes3-.02
Washington Street BeachYes-3-.04
Whiting Park BeachYes-2-.19
Young State Park BeachYes-2-.06
Count: 22Count: 13Count: 9
State Code: MI, County: Cheboygan
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Alexander Henry Park-Yes3-.02
Cheboygan City ParkYes-3-.09
Cheboygan State Park Duncan BayYes-3-1.29
Ditta Park-Yes3-.1
Huron Street Beach-Yes3-.12
Mackinaw City Beach-Yes3-.02
Mackinaw City Lighthouse Park-Yes3-.11
Mill Creek Public Access-Yes3-.81
Pinewood Circle Road End Beach-Yes3-.02
Roadside Park MDOT, US-23-Yes3-.1
Stoney Point Road End Beach-Yes3-.2
Wawatam City Park-Yes3-.08
Count: 12Count: 2Count: 10
State Code: MI, County: Chippewa
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Back Bay Boat Launch-Yes3-.02
Bass Cove Beach-Drummond Island-Yes3-.54
Bayview Campground-Yes3-.35
Betsey Seaman Memorial Park-Drummond Island-Yes3-.44
Big Pines Day Use AreaYes-1-.04
Big Shoal Cove-Yes3-.03
Brimley State ParkYes-1-.15
De Tour State Park Shoreline Beach-Yes3-3.11
Detour Albany Beach-Yes3-.2
Drummond Island Township Park-Yes3-.99
Dunbar Park-Yes3-.4
Four Mile BeachYes-2-.01
Lake Superior State Forest- Munuscong Lake-Yes3-7.96
Public Shoreline Beach-Browns Creek Area-Yes3-.26
Public Shoreline Beach-Brush Point-Yes3-.73
Public Shoreline Beach-Marsh Lake Area-Yes3-.28
Public Shoreline Beach-Northwest of Two Mile Lake-Yes3-1.11
Public Shoreline Beach-Point Aux Frenes-Yes3-1.09
Public Shoreline Beach-Raber Bay stretch-Yes3-1.24
Public Shoreline Beach-Weatherhog Lake East Area-Yes3-.25
Public Shoreline Beach-Weatherhog Lake West-Yes3-.67
Public Shoreline Beach-West of Whitefish Point-Yes3-.71
Sand Bay Beach-Drummond Island-Yes3-2.15
Sherman ParkYes-2-.06
Sugar Island Township ParkYes-2-.03
Superior Township Public Access-Yes3-.38
Tahquamenon Falls State Park-River Mouth Unit-Yes3-3.98
Whitefish Bay Picnic Area-Yes3-.05
Wilderness Beach-Yes3-1.23
Count: 29Count: 5Count: 24
State Code: MI, County: Delta
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Big Bay De Noc/ Fishdam River Public Access-Yes3-.07
Escanaba Bathing BeachYes-3-.42
Fayette State Park-Yes3-.31
Fuller Park-Yes3-.62
Gladstone Bathing Beach/Van Cleve ParkYes-2-1.01
Little Bay De Noc Public Beach Access-Yes3-.46
Portage Bay Forest Campground-Yes3-.41
Public Shoreline Beach-Charboneau Point-Yes3-1.8
Public Shoreline Beach-County Road 481-Yes3-3.73
Public Shoreline Beach-East Wilsey Bay-Yes3-3.92
Public Shoreline Beach-Fishdam River-Yes3-1.3
Public Shoreline Beach-Gilnet Haven-Yes3-1.52
Public Shoreline Beach-Indian Point-Yes3-.75
Public Shoreline Beach-Indian Town Lake USFS-Yes3-.09
Public Shoreline Beach-Jacks Bluff-Yes3-1.79
Public Shoreline Beach-Martin Bay-Yes3-1.31
Public Shoreline Beach-Nahma-Yes3-2.05
Public Shoreline Beach-North End of Kregg Bay-Yes3-.3
Public Shoreline Beach-North of Stonington-Yes3-.55
Public Shoreline Beach-Ogontz Bay-Yes3-2.32
Public Shoreline Beach-Peninsula Point-Yes3-2.55
Public Shoreline Beach-Point Detour-Yes3-3.57
Public Shoreline Beach-Portage Bay-Yes3-2.21
Public Shoreline Beach-Portage Peninsula-Yes3-2.71
Public Shoreline Beach-St. Vital's Island-Yes3-1.96
Public Shoreline Beach-USFS West Wilsey Bay-Yes3-.27
Public Shoreline Beach-West Side of Kregg Bay-Yes3-.18
Sac Bay County Park-Yes3-1.16
Sac Bay County Park-Yes3-1.3
Twin Springs Campground and Bathing Beach-Yes3-.27
Count: 30Count: 2Count: 28
State Code: MI, County: Emmet
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bliss Township Beach-Yes3-.26
Church Beach-Yes3-.29
Colonial Michilimamackinac State Park-Yes3-.28
Cross Village BeachYes-3-.28
Forest Beach-Yes3-.08
Mackinaw City Beach #1Yes-3-.07
Mackinaw City Beach #2Yes-3-.1
Magnus ParkYes-3-.21
Middle Village ParkYes-3-.1
Petoskey Harbor-Yes3-.02
Petoskey State ParkYes-2-1.06
Readmond Township BeachYes-2-.08
Sturgeon Bay Township BeachYes-3-.45
The Headlands County Park-Yes3-2.3
Thorne Swift Preserve-Yes3-.27
Wilderness State ParkYes-3-.33
Wilderness State Park-East of the Beach-Yes3-3.23
Wilderness State Park-West of Beach-Yes3-6.86
Zoll Street BeachYes-3-.01
Zorn Park - Harbor SpringsYes-2-.09
Count: 20Count: 11Count: 9
State Code: MI, County: Gogebic
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Black River Harbor BeachYes-3-.11
Little Girls Point ParkYes-3-.51
Mouth of the Montreal River-Yes3-.06
Porcupine Mountain State Park-North-Yes3-5.9
Presque Isle Beach-Yes3-.23
Presque Isle State Campground-Yes3-.79
Public Shoreline Beach-West of Black River-Yes3-1.15
Count: 7Count: 2Count: 5
State Code: MI, County: Grand Traverse
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Acme Roadside Park & Beach MDOT-Yes3-.17
Acme Roadside Park (DNR)-Yes3-.14
Archie Park-Yes3-.09
Bayside Acme Township ParkYes-2-.27
Bowers Harbor Public Access-Yes3-.09
Bryant Park BeachYes-2-.08
Clinch ParkYes-2-.42
DNR Launch/Beach Center Road-Yes3-.08
Deep Water Point-Yes3-.3
Dock Road-Yes3-.02
East Bay Park (Milliken Park)Yes-2-.25
East Bay Township Four Mile Road-Yes3-.25
Haserot BeachYes-3-.09
Kroupa Road Access M-22 South of Crain Hill Road-Yes3-.01
Leffingwell Point Beach-Yes3-.02
Mouth of Boardman-Yes3-.22
Old Mission - Center Road Natural Area-Yes3-.09
Old Mission - MDOT Right of Way-South of M-37-Yes3-.46
Old Mission - Old Mission Point State Park-Yes3-1.37
Old Mission Lighthouse-Yes3-.13
Old Mission Peninsula Twp Park-East of Light House-Yes3-.34
Old Mission Peninsula Twp Park-West of Light House-Yes3-.75
Old Mission Road-Yes3-.01
Peninsula Volunteer Fire Station Point #2-Yes3-.42
Power Island Bay Park-Yes3-2.79
Rose Street Access at Peninsula Drive-Yes3-.31
Sayler ParkYes-2-.14
Senior CenterYes-3-.26
Sunset ParkYes-3-.36
Swaney Road-Yes3-.01
Traverse City State ParkYes-2-.39
Volleyball Court BeachYes-3-.25
Yuba Beach-Yes3-.42
Count: 33Count: 10Count: 23
State Code: MI, County: Houghton
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Agate BeachYes-3-.31
Calumet Waterworks BeachYes-3-.25
Chassell BeachYes-3-.05
Hancock City BeachYes-3-.06
Houghton City BeachYes-3-.03
Hubbell Park-Yes3-.12
Lake Linden Campground Beach-Yes3-.11
McLain State Park BeachYes-3-.18
Mink Farm-Yes3-.66
Public Shoreline Beach-Le Chance Creek-Yes3-2.49
Public Shoreline Beach-Mc Lain State Park-Yes3-2.05
Public Shoreline Beach-S. of Portage Entry-Yes3-.25
Public Shoreline Beach-Southwest County Border-Yes3-.34
Sandy Bottom Beach/ Dollar BayYes-3-.08
Schoolcraft Township Campground-Yes3-0
White CityYes-3-.47
Count: 16Count: 8Count: 8
State Code: MI, County: Huron
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bird Creek County ParkYes-2-.14
Caseville County ParkYes-2-.28
County Road End-Yes3-.01
Geiger Road Public Access-Yes3-.15
Grindstone Public Access-Yes3-.22
Harbor Beach City ParkYes-2-.2
Harbor Beach Marina-Yes3-.05
Helena Road End-Yes3-.01
Jenks County ParkYes-2-.16
Kinch Road End-Yes3-.01
Larned Road End-Yes3-.01
Lighthouse County Park-Yes2-.12
Lighthouse County Park-South-Yes3-.72
McGraw County ParkYes-2-.1
Mud Creek Public Acess-Yes3-.02
Oak Beach County ParkYes-2-.14
Philp County ParkYes-2-.06
Port Crescent State Park - Camping AreaYes-2-.76
Port Crescent State Park - Day UseYes-2-1.66
Sleeper State ParkYes-2-.26
Stafford County Park-Yes3-.2
Thompson ParkYes-2-.06
Veterans ParkYes-2-.06
Wagener County ParkYes-3-.13
Count: 24Count: 13Count: 11
State Code: MI, County: Iosco
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Alabaster Township - Alabaster Rd. endYes-3-.01
Alabaster Township Douglas Drive Beach Use AreaYes-3-.06
Au Sable Point Beach-Yes3-3.24
Au Sable Township ParkYes-2-.12
County Road End off Tawas Beach Rd.-Yes3-.01
East Tawas City ParkYes-1-.31
Gateway Park BeachYes-1-.32
Interlake Road End-Yes3-.02
Lake To Lake Road-Yes3-.01
MDNR access E. Tawas-Yes3-.01
MDOT Roadside Park - Three Mile ParkYes-2-.9
Oscoda Township BeachYes-2-.18
Tawas City ParkYes-1-.22
Tawas Point State Park CampgroundYes-2-.56
Tawas Point State Park-Central-Yes3-2.18
Tawas Point State Park-Day Use areaYes-2-.99
Count: 16Count: 10Count: 6
State Code: MI, County: Keweenaw
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bete de Gris BeachYes-3-.36
Brunette Park-Yes3-.65
Cat Harbor Beach-Yes3-.23
Cooper Harbor Lighthouse Complex-Yes3-.57
Copper Harbor- West Lagoon-Yes3-.06
Eagle Harbor BeachYes-3-.16
Eagle River BeachYes-3-.36
Fort Wilkins State Park-Yes3-.12
Fort Wilkins State Park-East-Yes3-.4
Fort Wilkins State Park-West-Yes3-.93
Great Sands Bay BeachYes-3-.53
Lighthouse Overlook-Yes3-.12
Mouth of the Gratiot River Beach-Yes3-.08
Point Isabelle Beach-Yes3-1.8
Public Shoreline Beach-Big Traverse Bay-Yes3-.86
Public Shoreline Beach-Gay Park-Yes3-1.77
Count: 16Count: 4Count: 12
State Code: MI, County: Leelanau
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bay Front Park-Yes3-.1
Boughy Park & Beach-Yes3-.04
Cathead Bay, Leelanau State Park-Yes3-1.68
Cedar Street Beach-Yes3-.25
Christmas Cove-Yes3-.19
Elder's Park Beach-Yes3-17.57
Elmwood/Greilikville Park & BeachYes-2-.19
Empire Municipal BeachYes-2-.22
G. Marsten Dame Marina-Yes3-.18
Gils Pier-Yes3-.31
Glen Arbor/Manitou Boulevard Beach-Yes3-1.53
Graham Green Park-Yes3-.16
Hendryx County Roadside Park-Yes3-.09
Lake Street Beach, Glen Arbor-Yes3-.1
Leelanau State Park, Lighthouse-Yes3-.94
Leland Harbor-Yes3-.17
M-22 at M-72 Public Access-Yes3-.42
MDOT Roadside Park & Beach-Yes3-.08
MDOT Roadside Park & Beach M-22 N of Cherry Bend D-Yes3-.42
North Bar-Yes3-.28
North Street Beach-Yes3-.01
Northport 4th Street Beach-Yes3-.25
Northport 5th Street Beach-Yes3-.03
Northport 7th Street Beach-Yes3-.05
Northport Bay MarinaYes-2-.42
Northport Haserot Beach, Rose Street-Yes3-.07
Omena Beach & Park-Yes3-.17
Peterson Park-Yes3-.22
Reynolds Street Beach-Yes3-.25
Sleeping Bear Dunes-CR 651 Good Harbor BayYes-3-.69
Smith Street Beach Northport-Yes3-.25
Stoney Point County Roadside Park-Yes3-.76
Suttons Bay - South Shore ParkYes-2-.06
Suttons Bay Marina Park & BeachYes-2-.06
Suttons Bay North Shore Park-Yes3-.11
Suttons Bay South Shore Park-Yes3-.09
Thompson Stree Beach-Yes3-.01
Count: 37Count: 6Count: 31
State Code: MI, County: Luce
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Blind Sucker River # 1-Yes3-2.27
Blind Sucker River # 2-Yes3-2.04
Crisp Point Light House-Yes3-.31
Lake Superior Campground Beach-Yes3-.62
Mouth of the Two Hearted River Campground-Yes3-.26
Muskallonge Lake SFC-Yes3-.5
Public Shoreline Beach-Blind Sucker Flooding Area-Yes3-2.34
Public Shoreline Beach-Coast Guard Line Road-Yes3-2.52
Public Shoreline Beach-County Rd 407-Yes3-1.95
Public Shoreline Beach-County Rd 412 and Crisp Pt-Yes3-1.77
Public Shoreline Beach-Little Sucker/Two Hearted R-Yes3-1.86
Public Shoreline Beach-Three Mile Creek Area-Yes3-1.16
Public Shoreline Beach-West County Border Beach-Yes3-.9
Unnamed Road End #1-Yes3-2.24
Unnamed Road End #2-Yes3-.56
Unnamed Road End #3-Yes3-.28
Count: 16Count: 0Count: 16
State Code: MI, County: Mackinac
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
American Legion Memorial Park-Yes3-1.6
Antoine Road End-Yes3-.09
Big Knob State Forest Campground-Yes3-2.85
Black River State Forest Campground-Yes3-.24
Boot Island-Yes3-.88
Castle Rock Campground (Privately owned)-Yes3-.19
Epoufette Bay Campground-Yes3-.16
Foley Creek Campground-Yes3-.25
Harbour Light-Yes3-.06
Hazelton Road End-Yes3-.08
Hog Island Campground-Yes3-.39
Horseshoe Bay Wilderness-North-Yes3-2.83
Horseshoe Bay Wilderness-South-Yes3-1.74
Kiwanis BeachYes-2-.12
Lake Michigan US-2 Campground Beach-Yes3-2.67
Lakeshore RV Campground-Yes3-.19
MDOT Overlook-Yes3-1.01
MDOT Roadside Park on US 2-Yes3-.28
Mouth of Cut River Roadside Beach-Yes3-.26
Naubinway Bay Access-Yes3-.26
Public Shoreline Beach #2-Little Hog Island area-Yes3-.32
Public Shoreline Beach #2-Manitou Paymen Highbanks-Yes3-1.78
Public Shoreline Beach #3-Little Hog Island area-Yes3-.29
Public Shoreline Beach #4-Little Hog Island area-Yes3-1.45
Public Shoreline Beach #5-Little Hog Island area-Yes3-.37
Public Shoreline Beach-Epoufette Bay-Yes3-.34
Public Shoreline Beach-Fox Point Area-Yes3-13.11
Public Shoreline Beach-MDNR Matrix Point Area-Yes3-.25
Public Shoreline Beach-Manitou Paymen Highbanks-Yes3-2.86
Public Shoreline Beach-Morean Township, Section 25-Yes3-.15
Public Shoreline Beach-Naubinway Area-Yes3-.31
Public Shoreline Beach-Pointe Aux Chenes Bay-Yes3-1.26
Public Shoreline Beach-Seiners Point-Yes3-3.48
Public Shoreline Beach-South of Brevort River-Yes3-2.49
Public Shoreline Beach-State Forest Matrix Point-Yes3-.07
Sand Point-Yes3-1.19
State Roadside Park Beach-Yes3-.24
Straits State Park-Yes3-.34
US 2 Sand Dunes Beach (East of Brevort)Yes-2-1.01
Count: 39Count: 2Count: 37
State Code: MI, County: Macomb
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
H.C.M.A. - Lake St. Clair Metropark BeachYes-1-.17
St. Clair Shores Memorial Park BeachYes-1-.05
Walter and Mary Burke Park BeachYes-1-.01
Count: 3Count: 3Count: 0
State Code: MI, County: Manistee
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Arcadia ParkYes-2-.06
Bar Lake OutletYes-2-.06
Fifth Avenue BeachYes-2-.19
First Street BeachYes-2-.19
Magoon CreekYes-2-.42
Onekama Township BeachYes-2-.12
Orchard Beach State Park-Yes2-.42
Pierport Township BeachYes-2-.03
Portage Park-Yes3-2.02
Sundling ParkYes-2-.03
Count: 10Count: 8Count: 2
State Code: MI, County: Marquette
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Clark Lambros Beach ParkYes-2-.37
Marquette South BeachYes-2-.56
McCarty's CoveYes-2-.44
North of Picnic RocksYes-2-.44
Public Shoreline Beach-Big Huron River-Yes3-1.1
Public Shoreline Beach-Little Presque Isle-Yes3-6.21
Shiras Park Beach-Yes3-.37
Count: 7Count: 4Count: 3
State Code: MI, County: Mason
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bass Lake Outlet BeachYes-2-.42
Buttersville Park BeachYes-2-.19
Ludington State Park Campground BeachYes-2-.75
Ludington State Park Public Shoreline Beach North-Yes3-1.74
Ludington State Park Public Shoreline Beach South-Yes3-4.66
Manistee National Forest Campground Beach-Yes3-.42
Pere Marquette Harbor-Yes3-1.33
South Pier BeachYes-2-.03
South Summit Beach - Sunset Boulevard BeachYes-2-.03
Stearns Park BeachYes-2-.22
Summit Township BeachYes-2-.06
Count: 11Count: 7Count: 4
State Code: MI, County: Menominee
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Airport Park-Yes3-.23
Fox Park-Yes3-.62
Henes ParkYes-3-.31
Klienke Park-Yes3-.62
Memorial BeachYes-3-.15
Public Shoreline Beach-Cedar River-Yes3-2.42
Public Shoreline Beach-Fox village-Yes3-.54
Wells State Park-Yes3-2.85
Count: 8Count: 2Count: 6
State Code: MI, County: Monroe
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Luna Pier City BeachYes-1-.42
Sterling State ParkYes-2-.3
Count: 2Count: 2Count: 0
State Code: MI, County: Montmorency
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
East Twin Beach/Albert Township Park-Yes3-.03
Count: 1Count: 0Count: 1
State Code: MI, County: Muskegon
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Bronson/Kruse ParkYes-3-.43
Duck Lake Channel BeachYes-2-.5
Lake Harbor ParkYes-3-.9
Lighthouse/Sylvan BeachYes-3-.42
Medbury Park BeachYes-3-.6
Meinert County ParkYes-2-1.29
Muskegon State ParkYes-2-.63
Muskegon State Park-North Campground BeachYes-3-.93
Old Channel BeachYes-3-.25
P.J. Hoffmaster State Park - CampgroundYes-3-1.24
P.J. Hoffmaster State Park - Public Beach AreaYes-2-.61
Pere Marquette ParkYes-2-.52
Pioneer County ParkYes-3-.31
Count: 13Count: 13Count: 0
State Code: MI, County: Oceana
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Cedar Point County Park-Yes3-.06
Claybanks Township ParkYes-2-.27
Lighthouse Beach at Silver Lake State ParkYes-2-.29
Mears State ParkYes-2-.12
Silver Creek Channel-Yes3-.06
Silver Lake State Park-Yes3-2.89
Stony Lake ChannelYes-2-.09
Whiskey CreekYes-2-.03
Count: 8Count: 5Count: 3
State Code: MI, County: Ontonagon
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Green ParkYes-3-.09
Gull Point Beach-Yes3-.98
Mouth of the Big Iron River Beach-Yes3-.07
Ontonagon Township Park and CampgroundYes-2-.5
Porcupine Mountain State Park-Yes3-2.52
Porcupine Mountains State Park- Union BayYes-2-1.1
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park-West-Yes3-13.05
Public Shoreline Beach-Misery BayYes-3-1.38
Public Shoreline Beach-Wolf Point-Yes3-2.33
Union Bay Beach-Yes3-1.65
Count: 10Count: 4Count: 6
State Code: MI, County: Ottawa
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Grand Haven City Beach-Yes3-.28
Grand Haven State ParkYes-1-.57
Holland State ParkYes-3-.34
Kirk Park-Yes3-.28
Kouw Park-Yes3-.53
Mountain Beach-Yes3-.29
North Beach ParkYes-3-.13
P.J. Hoffmaster State Park- Shoreline Beach-Yes3-.73
Rosy Mound Recreation Area-Yes3-.66
Tunnel ParkYes-3-.25
Windsnest ParkYes-3-.17
Count: 11Count: 5Count: 6
State Code: MI, County: Presque Isle
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
40 Mile Point Park-Yes3-.27
Ball Diamond ParkYes-3-.21
Bell Bay-Yes3-.87
Evergreen Beach-Yes3-.5
Golden Beach-Yes3-.08
Grace Access Site-Yes3-.01
Hammond Bay Access Site-Yes3-.23
Hammond Bay Harbor-Yes3-2.58
Hoeft State Park-South-Yes3-.68
Lakeside Park in Rogers City-Yes3-.11
Lakeview Park Beach-Yes3-.21
Manitou Beach-Yes3-.05
New Lighthouse Park-Yes3-1.38
Presque Isle Harbor-Yes3-.55
Presque Isle Harbor Beach-Yes3-.12
Public Shoreline Beach-False Presque Isle Harbor-Yes3-.99
Seagull Point Park-Yes3-.7
Thompson's Harbor State Park-Yes3-8.61
US 23 Hammond Bay-Yes3-.25
US 23 Roger City-Yes3-1.01
Count: 20Count: 1Count: 19
State Code: MI, County: Sanilac
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Birch Beach-Yes3-.04
Birch Beach Middle #2-Yes3-.26
Birch Beach North #3-Yes3-.18
Blue Water Beach-Yes2-.2
Delaware Park-Yes3-.5
Forester County ParkYes-2-.06
Forestville BeachYes-2-.03
Great Lakes Beach-Yes3-.81
Great Lakes Beach #1-Yes3-.59
Lexington BeachYes-2-.03
Lexington County ParkYes-2-.15
Port Sanilac Village ParkYes-2-.02
Sanilac County Park #4-Yes3-.78
Sanilac County Roadside Park #1-Yes3-.08
Count: 14Count: 5Count: 9
State Code: MI, County: Schoolcraft
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Doyle Township Access-Yes3-.35
Goudreau's Harbor Seul Choix Point-Boat Landing-Yes3-.53
Lakeview Park-Yes3-.65
Manistique Township Park-Yes3-.57
Public Shoreline Beach-S. of McDonald Lake-Yes3-.53
Public Shoreline Beach-ThompsonYes-1-.4
Public Shoreline Beach-Thompson Village-Yes3-.64
Roadside Park Beach-Yes2-.23
Rogers Park-MDOTYes-1-.9
Count: 9Count: 2Count: 7
State Code: MI, County: St. Clair
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Burtchville Township Park-Yes2-.15
Chrysler Park BeachYes-1-.11
Conger-Lighthouse BeachYes-1-.62
Fort Gratiot County ParkYes-2-.04
Holland Road BeachYes-1-.06
Jeddo Road Beach-Yes2-.12
Keewadhin Road BeachYes-1-.12
Krafft Road Beach-Yes2-.12
Lakeport State CampgroundYes-2-.93
Lakeport State ParkYes-2-.36
Lakeside BeachYes-1-.5
Marine City BeachYes-2-.12
Marine City Diving Area-Yes2-.12
Metcalf Road Beach-Yes2-.02
Washington Street Park-Yes2-.06
Count: 15Count: 9Count: 6
State Code: MI, County: Van Buren
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Covert Township Park Beach-Yes3-.29
South Haven North Beach-Yes3-.26
South Haven South Beach-Yes3-.12
Van Buren State Park Beach-Yes3-1.09
Count: 4Count: 0Count: 4
State Code: MI, County: Wayne
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Belle Isle BeachYes-2-.19
Pier Park-Yes1-.11
Count: 2Count: 1Count: 1
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*CWA SEC. 406 ”(g) LIST OF WATERS.— ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Beginning not later than 18 months after the date of publication of performance criteria under subsection (a), based on information made available to the Administrator, the Administrator shall identify, and maintain a list of, discrete coastal recreation waters adjacent to beaches or similar points of access that are used by the public that— ‘‘(A) specifies any waters described in this paragraph that are subject to a monitoring and notification program consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a); and ‘‘(B) specifies any waters described in this paragraph for which there is no monitoring and notification program (including waters for which fiscal constraints will prevent the State or the Administrator from performing monitoring and notification consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a)).

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