Number of BEACH Act Beaches Reported    
CountyTotal CountMonitored CountNot Monitored CountTier 4 (B)*Beach Length (Mi)
Only coastal beaches are included on these lists.

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List of Beaches    
State Code: IL, County: Cook
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
12th StreetYes-1-.2
49th Street Beach-Yes3-.12
57th Street BeachYes-1-.15
63rd Street BeachYes-1-.41
Calumet South BeachYes-1-.25
Evanston Clark BeachYes-1-.13
Evanston Greenwood BeachYes-1-.23
Evanston Lee BeachYes-1-.14
Evanston Lighthouse BeachYes-1-.16
Evanston South BeachYes-1-.15
Foster Avenue BeachYes-1-.19
Glencoe Park BeachYes-1-.11
Hartigan BeachYes-1-.04
Howard Street Park BeachYes-1-.05
Juneway Terrace Park BeachYes-1-.04
Kathy Osterman BeachYes-1-.33
Kenilworth BeachYes-1-.08
Leone BeachYes-1-.55
Margaret T Burroughs (31st St. Beach)Yes-1-.17
Marion Mahoney Griffin BeachYes-1-.14
Montrose BeachYes-1-.52
Montrose Dog Beach-Yes1-.09
North Avenue BeachYes-1-1.05
North Shore Avenue BeachYes-1-.15
Northwestern University BeachYes-1-.17
Oak Street BeachYes-1-.21
Oakwood BeachYes-1-.19
Ohio Street BeachYes-1-.11
Pratt Blvd And Park BeachYes-1-.12
Rainbow BeachYes-1-.34
Rogers Avenue Park BeachYes-1-.03
South Shore BeachYes-1-.13
Wilmette Gillson Park BeachYes-1-.28
Wilmette Gillson Park Dog BeachYes-1-.07
Wilmette Langdon BeachYes-1-.29
Winnetka Centennial Dog BeachYes-2-.09
Winnetka Elder Park BeachYes-1-.08
Winnetka Lloyd Park BeachYes-1-.11
Winnetka Maple Park BeachYes-1-.05
Winnetka Tower BeachYes-1-.1
Count: 41Count: 39Count: 2
State Code: IL, County: Lake
Beach NameMonitoredNot MonitoredTier RankCommentsBeach
Length (Mi)
Highland Park Avenue Boating BeachYes-1-.13
Highland Park Moraine Park Dog BeachYes-2-.06
Highland Park Rosewood BeachYes-1-.18
Illinois Beach State Park Camp Logan Beach-Yes1-.77
Illinois Beach State Park North BeachYes-1-.61
Illinois Beach State Park Resort BeachYes-1-.5
Illinois Beach State Park Sailing Beach-Yes1-.14
Illinois Beach State Park South BeachYes-1-3.51
Lake Bluff Dog BeachYes-2-.06
Lake Bluff Sunrise BeachYes-1-.25
Lake Forest Forest Park BeachYes-1-.5
North Chicago Foss Park Beach-Yes1-.28
North Point Marina BeachYes-1-.2
Waukegan North BeachYes-1-1.38
Waukegan South BeachYes-1-.21
Zion Hosah Park Beach-Yes1-.15
Count: 16Count: 12Count: 4
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*CWA SEC. 406 ”(g) LIST OF WATERS.— ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Beginning not later than 18 months after the date of publication of performance criteria under subsection (a), based on information made available to the Administrator, the Administrator shall identify, and maintain a list of, discrete coastal recreation waters adjacent to beaches or similar points of access that are used by the public that— ‘‘(A) specifies any waters described in this paragraph that are subject to a monitoring and notification program consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a); and ‘‘(B) specifies any waters described in this paragraph for which there is no monitoring and notification program (including waters for which fiscal constraints will prevent the State or the Administrator from performing monitoring and notification consistent with the performance criteria established under subsection (a)).

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