Instructions: Use the wizard below to follow three steps to select beaches, set search filters and view BEACON 2.0 reports. Step 1 allows you to select the beaches for a report pre-grouped by EPA Region, or by Great Waterbody; or to select by a combination of state/tribe/territory, county, and/or beach. Step 2 allows you to add filtering by date and alter other miscellaneous filters. Step 3 displays a list of available reports for use with the filters selected from the first two steps.
Notes: You must select at least one location filter. In order to look up beach names grouped by HUC code, use the following link to My WATERS Mapper (opens in a new window). Please refer to the BEACON User's Guide for more information about My WATERS Mapper and HUC codes.
      Select by EPA Region  (click to open/close selection list)
      Select by Great Waterbody  (click to open/close selection list)
      Select by State/Tribe/Territory, County, and/or Beach  (click to open/close selection list)
     Select by Date  (click to open/close selection list)
Start Date (Grouping A): 

MMM-DD-YYYY e.g. SEP-02-2015
End Date (Grouping A): 

MMM-DD-YYYY e.g. SEP-02-2015
Other Date Options (Grouping B): 
Calendar Year (Grouping C): 
Hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one year.
Instructions: The date filter menu offers you three grouping options for filtering by date you can only use one option from one grouping. If you enter start or end dates (Grouping A), you will create reports that contain data for that date range. To enter a date, from the calendar, select the date and double-click to make it appear in the field, or type in the date using the format: MMM-DD-YYYY, E.g. SEP-02-2015. For example, if you enter both a start and end date you will pick up any data in that date range inclusive. Alternatively, you can filter by rolling year (12 months), or calendar year to date (Grouping B). To clear a selection from Grouping B, use the Clear button next to the radio button group. Alternatively, you can filter by one or more calendar years (Grouping C). To clear a selection from Grouping C, use the Clear button next to the list.

     Select by Miscellaneous Filters  (click to open/close selection list)

Preset filters to match      

Instructions: This outline will allow you to select alternative filters than those preset for the reports. Please note that the tree structure is fully expanded automatically to display all miscellaneous filtering options. The preset filters show a green checkmark and will include in the resulting reports beaches with No Advisory or closure, Advisory, Closure, Non-Reporting, Unspecified Reporting status; Dormant and Tier 4 beaches; and beaches classified as Public or Unspecified Access. You can auto set filters so that the dataset matches the DNR by selecting the DNR radio button or matches the NLB by selecting the NLB radio button. By clicking the Reset Filters button, you can reset the filters to its default settings. You can turn off a green preset filter by clicking in a checked box or add a filter by clicking in an empty box. Adding a filter will include beaches that fall under that particular category. To include Tier 4 beaches in your report, remove the green checkmark from ACTIVE and INACTIVE options.